Excellent Recovery from Chronic Lichen Planus Achieved with Homeopathy at Life Force

A 35-year-old male, Mr. M. M. (PIN: 28762) started treatment at Life Force Homeopathy for his complaints of Lichen Planus. The patient had the 1st episode a decade back, which had resolved on its own without any medications. The patient had experienced a relapse in the last 3 months, and it was much more severe & extensive. It presented as small circular raised purplish lesions that were turning darker with the passing days. A mild itching was accompanied with it. The lesions were present over the forearms, hands, groin region, & the thighs. The severity was moderate & it was spreading gradually. This time he was anxious about the disease & sought help to get rid of it.


Physical Generals:

The patient was a non-vegetarian and had an average appetite. He liked eating spicy food & sweets more than other things. He was fond of eating non-vegetarian food. He did not consume much vegetables as he did not like them. He had an average thirst and was drinking 2.5 liters of water a day. He experienced an average perspiration. He was not comfortable with hot temperatures. His digestion was imbalanced, & he experienced unsatisfactory stools, which required straining to be passed. He had no urinary complaints. The patient enjoyed a sound sleep; he had some unusual dreams of dogs biting him.


Psychological Make-Up:


The patient had a normal upbringing with not much stress or difficulties. His recent life was stressful, & he was not yet settled in his life. He was still single. By nature, he was reserved, not very communicative, due to certain arguments, & had bitter experiences with his parents & colleagues at work. He felt a sensation of hatred & jealousy towards them. His memory, thoughts, perception, and analysis all were normal.


Lichen Planus is an autoimmune disease with relapses & goes in remission & this is a very good case illustrating the same.

The patient took the treatment at Life Force at 3 different times 2016-19, 2021-22, and 2023 May onwards – which he is continuing. 


Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. studied the case in detail & prescribed medicines to the patient.



On his first follow-up in July 2016, the disease was still not controlled. New eruptions still coming up. After the assessment, 6 weeks of further prescription was made for him.


On his second follow-up in September 2016, the speed of new lesions had substantially reduced. Also, there was an improvement in the healing of existing lesions. So, a revised prescription was made by Dr. Rajesh Shah for another 6 weeks.


After his third follow-up in October 2016 end, he was completely stable & took a break from the treatment.


Till 2019, he was stable & was not under any medications.


Relapse in February 2019  The patient restarted the treatment from Life Force Homeopathy for his relapse in February 2019. The relapse was triggered by the tremendous stress at work. A crop of raised circular dark-coloured lesions with dark pigmentation had appeared again with itching over them. Dr. Rajesh Shah studied the presentation & made a prescription for another 6 weeks.


By August 2019, he was better by 40% in his recovery from Lichen Planus with control over the new eruptions as well. Again, a prescription for 6 weeks prescription was made for the patient.


By October 2019, his recovery from Lichen Planus had improved by 70%. New lesions were rarely coming up, and old ones improved significantly. The pigmentation too had started fading out. So, another 6 weeks of prescription was done for the patient.


By December 2019, he had experienced complete recovery from Lichen Planus at Life Force Homeopathy & he again took a break from the treatment for a year and a half.


Relapse in June 2021


This time the lesions of Lichen Planus were milder & less extensive with minimal itching. The patient had an excellent experience with the past homeopathic treatments. So, he started the treatment at Life Force immediately. A 6-week prescription was made for the patient.


On his first follow-up in August 2021, the spread of the disease had slowed a lot with hardly one or 2 new eruptions. The patient had experienced an overall 30% improvement after restarting of the treatment. Another prescription of 6 weeks of medicines was prescribed.


By November 2021, the patient’s recovery from Lichen Planus had improved to 60%. So, another prescription of 6 weeks of medicines was prescribed.


By June 2022, the patient was completely relieved of his Lichen Planus & he again took a break from the treatment.


Relapse in May 2023

After a yearlong stable phase, the patient experienced another episode, but much milder, and without a second thought he restarted the treatment so that the Lichen Planus could be arrested before an outbreak.


On his first follow-up on the 13th of June 2023, good control over new eruptions was achieved. No new lesions had come up since the restart of treatment. A prescription for another 6 weeks was made again.


By August 2023, all his new lesions of Lichen Planus had disappeared with the recovery from pigmentation improving to a great extent.


He is continuing the medicines & hoping this is the mildest of the episodes in the whole journey of past relapses & remissions. Life Force Homeopathy treatment has helped him excellently. He is positive about achieving the complete end of Lichen Planus with the remaining treatment term.



This case demonstrates how Homeopathy at Life Force Homeopathy treated the Lichen Planus effectively. Every time there was a relapse, homeopathy helped him experience only the mildest expressions with the subsequent episodes, thereby providing hopes of complete recovery or long-term stability. Homeopathy promoted incredible recovery from chronic lichen planus gently and safely without side effects.


  • Written by Dr. Aditya Atholi, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D.



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