Effective Homeopathic Treatment for a Child’s Chronic Constipation at Life Force

Constipation refers to experiencing hard, dry bowel movements or having fewer than three bowel movements per week. Several factors can lead to constipation, including diet, medications, pregnancy, or changes in routine. It is one of the most prevalent digestive issues in the United States, affecting about 16% of adults. This prevalence increases to 32% among adults over the age of 60.


Master S.V.K, a 6-year-old male child with Patient Identification Number 51885, visited our Thane branch on July 2, 2023. He presented with a persistent case of constipation that had troubled him for the past two years. His symptoms included passing stools 6 to 8 times daily in small quantities, with stools being offensive, sticky, and accompanied by pain during passage, often necessitating a standing position. He had a history of occasional use of Neotomic enemas and a family history of constipation and piles on his father's side. He had been taking syrup Relux (Polyethylene Glycol) for the past six months but discontinued it a month prior to seeking homeopathic treatment. Notably, his milk intake was absent.


At Life Force Homeopathy Treatment Journey:


Initial Consultation (July 2, 2023):

During the initial consultation at Life Force Homeopathy, an associate doctor conducted a detailed case history for Master S.V.K. His symptoms were thoroughly assessed, and a homeopathic treatment plan was initiated based on his condition. Dr. Shah prescribed homeopathic medicines to address his constipation symptoms and overall health. Along with the medication, dietary changes were recommended, and some blood investigations were suggested to further understand his health status.


Follow-up Consultations:

On August 20, 2023, significant improvement was noted, with stool frequency reduced to twice daily, softer and less offensive stools, and decreased pain during passage.

By October 1, 2023, continued improvement was observed, with further reduction in stool frequency and less staining, though occasional pain around the anus occurred, and the use of syrup Relux was discontinued.

On November 11, 2023, improvement persisted, with softer stools and no reported pain during passage.

 By December 24, 2023, remarkable progress was evident, with consistently soft stools twice daily. Occasional semisolid motions following a viral fever resolved without conventional treatment, with stools remaining soft and non-offensive, and no pain or straining during passage.

However, by February 4, 2024, constipation slightly recurred, with hard stools being passed every 2-3 days, requiring straining, likely due to dietary factors such as eating Maggi and biscuits, though he had no abdominal pain or bloating.

 Improvement resumed by March 24, 2024, with the daily passage of stools, and by May 1, 2024, a 90% improvement was noted, indicating stable progress.


Symptom Management:

Severity of Episodes: Initially moderate, which stabilized and decreased over time.

Pain While/After Passing Stools: Initially reported, but decreased significantly with treatment.

Hard Stools: Improved gradually, with occasional recurrences.

Straining: Initially required, but reduced as treatment progressed.

Sense of Incomplete Evacuation: Initially present, but resolved with treatment.

Water Intake: Initially low, but gradually improved.



Master S.V.K's chronic constipation was effectively managed with treatment at Life Force Homeopathy. Through regular follow-ups and appropriate medication, his symptoms significantly improved, leading to reduced stool frequency, softer stools, and decreased pain during passage. Despite occasional setbacks, overall progress remained stable, highlighting the efficacy of the treatment in addressing chronic gastrointestinal issues. With continued adherence to treatment, lifestyle modifications, and dietary guidance, Master S.V.K experienced relief from his long-standing condition and regained a better quality of life.

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