Conquering Eczema beyond steroids

Mrs D.S, a 48-year-old bank manager (Patient identification number: 51131), came to Life Force looking for a solution to her eczema, which she'd been dealing with for over 40 years. Despite trying different treatments like creams and moisturizers, her skin condition kept getting worse. The constant itching, redness, and flakiness not only affected her physically but also took a toll on her mental and emotional health. Mrs D.S.decided to try something new and came to Life Force Homeopathy in Thane for help with her 40-year battle against eczema and a recent diagnosis of Seronegative arthritis. After relying on steroid medications for so long, she wanted to explore an alternative approach, and that's how she found Life Force Homeopathy.


Mrs D.S. had eczema on her hands, elbows, abdomen, and legs. She had used steroids along with medications like Tab Vozot (Levocetirizine), Tab Elina (Mizolastine), and Tab Roxid 150 (Roxithromycin), but didn't get complete relief. She still had mild itching and black hyperpigmentation on her left leg.


Dr. Shah carefully checked her medical history, medications and advised some tests. The investigation showed high immunoglobulin E (IgE) levels at 3463.0 UI/ml. This information helped Dr. Shah understand her condition better and plan the right treatment.


Dr. Shah prescribed medicines, including his research-based ones, for Mrs D.S. considering her eczema and seronegative arthritis. Along with homeopathic medicines, she also got supplements in case there was any nutritional deficiency. This is important because if there's a lack of nutrients, the medicines may not work as well. Dietary guidelines were given, focusing on anti-inflammatory foods and gut health. Lifestyle changes were suggested since stress triggered her eczema flare-ups. Mrs D.S. started practicing mind-body techniques like yoga and meditation daily to handle stress and improve her overall well-being.



On 13th May 2023, Mrs D.S. reported mild itching on her hands and leg lesions, with no itching on her abdomen. The use of antihistamines was reduced to twice a month, and there was an improvement in the intensity of shoulder and back pain.


On 24th June 2023, itching and burning on both hands increased due to sun exposure. These changes were duly noted and treated accordingly.


By 29th July 2023, a 10% improvement in shoulder and abdomen lesions was observed, but dryness and itching persisted. The conventional antihistamine use increased to 15-20 times a month. In the case of seronegative arthritis, there was a significant improvement in shoulder and back pain, with mild pain still noted in interphalangeal joints.


Continuing the progress, on 7th September 2023, a 30% improvement in hand and shoulder lesions was reported. Although leg lesion itching and dryness persisted, antihistamine use was reduced to 10 times a month, and dryness persisted.


As of 18th October 2023, there was a notable improvement, with a 50% reduction in hand and leg lesions and antihistamine use decreased to 2-4 times a month.


By 24th November 2023, a remarkable 70% improvement was observed. Leg and hand lesions settled with no spread, and black hyperpigmentation remained unchanged. No conventional medication was required. Overall, Mrs D.S. reported feeling better, with only mild pain in the knee and finger joints and no burning sensation in the soles.



Mrs D.S.'s case illustrates how holistic homeopathic care effectively treated her 40-year eczema and recent seronegative arthritis. With an individualized treatment plan she experienced significant improvement in both conditions. By stopping steroid medications and immune suppressants, Mrs D.S. now feels more energetic and enjoys a renewed sense of well-being. This highlights the efficacy of holistic healing at Life Force Homeopathy.


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