Chronic Urticaria Patient in the US Recovered Fully In 8 Months with Homeopathy at Life Force

Mrs. S. S., a 44-year-old lady (LFMPL PIN: 26765), decided to receive treatment online from Dr. Shah in August 2020 for her Urticaria complaints, as she was living in the United States. It started about seven to eight years ago. Whenever she went to the beach or the sand, usually when it was very hot, she would suffer from this skin condition. She began developing hives, particularly on the calf, ankles, arms, legs, and thighs. After drying and scabbing over, the hives, which were thin and pointed, would disappear in about a week. Additionally, they were extremely uncomfortable and itchy. When she went to beaches and sand, she started taking allergy medications, and it was very helpful. She started getting skin rashes even when she was at home, and, over time, they got worse. They wouldn't burn, but they would itch. Even when it wasn't too hot, the patient said, most of the time, it happened because they were in the sun. She believed that the fabric could be the reason for the recent onset of it after sunset. The hives would appear 2-3 times a day, sometimes 6-7 times a day, and then vanish completely within 20-45 minutes. When the symptoms became unbearable three to four times per month, she would take antihistamines.

Physical Generals:

She liked both sweet and savory foods. Her usual diet included more vegetables than meat. She frequently consumed bread, eggs, fruits, vegetables, yogurt, dal, rice, and roti. She had a normal thirst and was more tolerant of cold than heat.

Psychological Generals:

She used to worry a lot. She easily worried about things and anticipated the worst early. She was not very good at handling tension or conflict. Her feelings were strong and her heart would beat quickly. She was naturally hasty and would speak and eat quickly; it was like she had created her urgency. Additionally, she was not tolerant of extremely loud sounds and noises, such as extremely loud music, a raucous crowd, or even her daughter screaming and shouting at the top of her lungs while playing or someone speaking in a very shrill and loud voice.


Based on the specifics of her case, Dr. Shah prescribed Lycopodium clavatum 30 six pills twice a day to the patient.


On the patient’s feedback on 21st March 2021, she mentioned that, since beginning the homeopathic treatment, she has experienced a significant improvement. She was 70% better, but she still got rashes every two to three days. However, they were very mild and went away in 10 minutes. She found no need to take any medication to prevent allergies.

She contacted Life Force Team once more in January 2023 to begin treatment for her anxiety neurosis under Dr. Shah. She reported that she had completely recovered from her Urticaria complaint and no longer experienced skin rashes or Urticaria after October 2021.


The homeopathic system does not advocate treating Urticaria superficially with steroids or antihistamines. We hope to treat your Urticaria with homeopathy, resulting in complete healing and a significant decrease in the frequency, duration, and intensity of the condition. Importantly, we also anticipate that you will become less dependent on the allergy medications you are currently taking.

  • Written by Dr. Mithila K., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah



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