Balance Regained, Homeopathy for Vertigo in Senior Patients

Mr J S, a 60-year-old man with a medical record number of 50899, visited at Life Force Homeopathy in Malleswaram, Bangalore, reporting symptoms of vertigo. He disclosed a medical history marked by hypertension and diabetes, both managed effectively with medication. Mr J S described enduring spells of dizziness, spinning sensations, and feelings of unsteadiness over the course of several months, greatly impacting his daily life.


Describing himself as mild-mannered, curious, self-assured, and communicative, Mr J S, a retired officer, engaged in a thorough discussion during his consultation. Content with his retired life, he embraced each day with joy. However, he expressed distress over his symptoms, including difficulty walking without assistance, a tendency to sway or fall backwards or to the sides, and sensations of dizziness accompanied by a perception of objects in motion or spinning around him. Additionally, he disclosed struggling with sleep apnea, and noted his incapacity to walk even short distances such as 100 meters.


Physical generals:

The patient, a non-vegetarian, maintained an average appetite with particular cravings for spicy foods and meat, along with a moderate thirst. His daily water intake typically ranged from 3 to 4 litres. Sensitivity to extreme climates was noted. He reported satisfactory bowel movements and had no urinary issues. However, his sleep was disrupted by snoring.


During the examination, his blood pressure was recorded at 130/90 mmHg, and his weight was measured at 102.8 kilograms.


After carefully reviewing the patient's symptoms and medical background, Dr. Shah decided a personalized homeopathic treatment plan aimed at relieving the vertigo symptoms and enhancing the patient's overall health. The chosen homeopathic remedies were selected to target the distinctive features of his vertigo episodes, taking into account his existing conditions of hypertension and diabetes.



During the follow-up appointments, Mr J S's progress was closely monitored. At the first follow-up on May 12, 2023, he reported a 20% improvement, experiencing milder vertigo episodes and being able to walk 100 meters with assistance. However, he still faced challenges with falling to the sides, especially upon getting up from bed. By July 12, 2023, his condition had further improved, with reduced episodes and increased mobility without support, although the issue of falling persisted, leading to a reduction in his allopathic medication dosage.


Subsequent follow-ups showed continued progress. By November 16, 2023, Mr J S noted a 50-60% reduction in vertigo episodes, an increased walking distance of 300 meters, and improved balance, with fewer instances of falling to the sides. As of February 18, 2024, he reported being 70% better, experiencing fewer vertigo episodes and being able to walk 400-500 meters unassisted. However, he still faced mild imbalance and occasional episodes of falling to the sides. Despite these residual symptoms, his overall improvement showcased the effectiveness of the treatment regimen.


Mr J S faithfully adhered to the prescribed homeopathic treatment regimen and maintained regular follow-up appointments at Life Force Homeopathy. Within the initial months of treatment, he observed a gradual amelioration in his vertigo symptoms. The frequency and severity of episodes diminished, enabling him to engage in daily tasks more comfortably. After consistently following the homeopathic treatment for 8-10 months, Mr J S reported substantial alleviation of his vertigo symptoms.



This case underscores the efficacy of homeopathic treatment in addressing vertigo symptoms. By employing a personalized approach tailored to the patient's individual symptoms and medical background, significant improvements were achieved, enhancing both his quality of life and overall health.



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