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Lumbar spondylitis, an age-related condition, involves the degeneration of the vertebrae and discs in the lower back. This degeneration is commonly referred to as degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis. In the United States, approximately 5% of the general population has a defect in the pars interarticularis.

Mrs M.V.K, a 53-year-old female resident of Thane, visited the Life Force Homeopathy Thane branch and registered for lumbar spondylitis treatment on June 15, 2022. Her patient identification number is 48400.

A detailed case evaluation was conducted. The patient had been suffering from lumbar spondylitis since 2015, with the left side more severely affected. She relied on daily painkillers and experienced continuous episodes of varying severity, frequency, and duration. Both legs and feet were swollen and painful. Her symptoms included backache, radiating pain, sciatica, tingling, numbness, buttock pain, stiffness, difficulty walking, and cramps. Additionally, she experienced vertigo and pain in the neck radiating to the shoulder and fingers of her left hand. Triggers for her condition included rainy weather and weather changes.


Past Medical History:

Haemorrhoids: Treated with allopathic medicine 5 years ago.

Cataract: Treated with allopathic medicine 3 years ago.

Hypertension: Treated with allopathic medicine 9 months ago.

Cholecystectomy: Gall bladder removal performed 3 years ago.


General Symptoms:

The patient has a weight of 88.2 kg and is overweight, with a preference for spicy foods. She has a decreased thirst and a reduced appetite. Her stool is hard and black, with occasional bleeding, and she experiences a burning sensation during urination. Despite these issues, she reports sound sleep. She often feels hot and has edema in her lower legs and feet.

Mentally, she is talkative, enjoys company, is restless, and exhibits careful and kind behaviour.


Examination Findings:

Swelling: Both legs and feet were swollen.


(01/02/2021) MRI SPINE

Whole Spine Screening

-Posterior bulge of the C3/C4 to C6/C7 intervertebral disc`s indenting the Cervical subarachnoid space and encroaching the neural foramina.

-Focal central protrusion of the L1/L2 intervertebral disc, however not causing any significant thecal sac or nerve root compression.

-Mild posterior bulge of the L2/L3 intervertebral disc, however not causing any significant thecal sac or nerve root compression.

-Generalized posterior bulge of L3/L4 intervertebral disc with indentation of bilateral exiting nerve roots.

-Generalized posterior bulge of L4/L5 intervertebral disc with indentation of bilateral exiting nerve roots.

(03/02/2022)  X Ray knee

IMP-Advanced Osteoarthritis in both knees



The patient was advised to engage in regular exercise and make dietary changes, specifically to avoid citrus foods.

Treatment was initiated on an unspecified date, with consistent follow-ups recorded until 2024.


On 30th August 2022, the patient experienced overall improvement in lumbar pain. However, she encountered two episodes of knee pain within 15 days, for which she took painkillers for five days. She complained of pain in the left knee radiating to the left side of her hip, aggravated by motion and unaffected by rest, with an aggravation after a jerk. Despite this, there was a further reduction in pain and dependency on painkillers.

By 11th January 2023, her pain had increased in the lower back and left-sided sciatica, accompanied by left shoulder pain. She also noted mild swelling and tenderness in her left knee, limiting her walking to 7-10 minutes.

On 28th March 2023, mild swelling was observed in the left joint, with persistent pain in the left hip radiating to the heel.

By 13th May 2023, there was further improvement, with reduced swelling in the knees, though she still experienced numbness in both hands and difficulty in activities such as cooking.

On 21st June 2023, the patient reported being 60% better, with on-going improvement, though standing for extended periods remained challenging.

By 30th December 2023, she experienced increased pain in the right knee and trembling in the right hand, possibly due to overexertion from traveling back from Canada. Additionally, she reported mild vaginal bleeding for a week, with an ultrasound revealing a small uterine fibroid.

On 13th February 2024, there was improvement in right knee pain, though mild swelling persisted. Backache was less severe, but occasional trembling and numbness in the right hand were noted. The patient also reported fatigue, attributed to overexertion from traveling to Pune the day before

By 5th April 2024, significant improvement was noted, with decreased numbness in the hands and reduced knee pain despite travel.

On 15th May 2024, the patient reported being 80% better, with no swelling in the knees and only occasional back pain during sleep.



Significant improvement was observed in pain intensity, frequency, and dependency on painkillers. Associated symptoms including numbness, swelling, and stiffness showed reduction. The patient experienced an enhanced quality of life with improved mobility and functionality.


ODI Score (Oswestry Disability Index):

At presentation: 56% (severely disabled)

After treatment: 10% (minimal disability)

VAS (Visual Analog Scale) for pain: Improved from 9 to 22.



This case underscores the effectiveness of Homeopathy in addressing lumbar spondylitis, resulting in notable symptom improvement and enhanced quality of life for the patient, along with reduced reliance on painkillers. The combination of regular follow-ups and planned treatment proved instrumental in achieving favourable outcomes. It's important to note that individual responses to treatment may differ, emphasizing the necessity of consulting a qualified homeopath for personalized guidance.

  • Case study is written by Dr. Deepa. Chandroth, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD (Hom), at Life Force Homeopathy.


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