Andhra Pradesh IT Professional's Vitiligo Journey with Life Force Treatment

Vitiligo, a skin condition, results from melanocyte loss, causing depigmentation. Types include universal (affecting all skin), segmental (one side/area), bilateral (both sides), and localized (few areas). Causes encompass autoimmunity, genetics, stress, and skin injury. Symptoms feature patchy skin discoloration, especially on hands, face, mucous membranes, and genitals, along with premature hair whitening or greying on the scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows, or beard.


Case study:

At Life Force Homeopathy, Jayanagar Branch, a 43-year-old gentleman (Patient identification number-47067) visited for the treatment for vitiligo on 28.12.2021. He had hypo-pigmentation on both legs, specifically on the knees and shin bones. Examination under a Wood's Lamp revealed that the existing spots were illuminating, confirming the hypo pigmented spots were of Vitiligo.

The patient first observed changes in skin colour five years ago, and the condition has been slowly progressing since then. Initially, he used topical steroids but ceased all medications thereafter. Currently, he is not taking any medications. Detailed information was gathered regarding his past medical history and family health background. Additionally, further details about his mental and physical well-being were also collected.


Physical generals:

The patient is a non-vegetarian with an average appetite, craving fish, chicken, and sour foods. He experiences increased thirst, consuming around 5 litres of water daily, and has average perspiration. He is intolerant of extreme cold weather and has satisfactory bowel movements and no urinary symptoms. His sleep is generally sound but occasionally disturbed, and he prefers lying on his side.


Mental generals:

The patient enjoys a happy and supportive family environment, free from tensions. He is mild, gentle, and polite by behaviour, with a helpful and empathetic nature. Intellectually, he possesses a good memory and demonstrates strong skills in logic, perception, intelligence, and analysis.

Dr. Shah thoroughly reviewed the case and prescribed his research-based medicines after a comprehensive evaluation. Additionally, the patient received dietary guidance specific to vitiligo management.



During the first follow-up on 25.02.2022, existing spots remained stable with no new developments, although repigmentation was not observed. Subsequent follow-ups showed no visible improvement until 30.8.2022 when slow repigmentation was noted on both knees. Further progress was gradual yet consistent, with the patient's condition stabilizing after treatment initiation. By 6.03.2024, the patient experienced a remarkable 90% improvement. The patient expressed gratitude to Dr. Shah and the entire Life Force team for the excellent results.



The case highlights the promising efficacy of homeopathy in treating vitiligo. Homeopathic treatment focuses on enhancing the body's innate healing mechanisms, aiming to restore balance and address underlying immune dysregulation. By administering remedies customized to the individual's specific needs, homeopathy aims to correct the altered immunity that contributes to the onset and progression of the disease.




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