An Incredible 80% Improvement In a 9-Month-Old Baby with Lymphangiomatosis with Homeopathy at Life Force

A 48-year-old female (PIN: 49588) visited the Malleswaram clinic of Life Force in Bangalore for the treatment of her 9-month-old daughter who was diagnosed with lymphangiomatosis. She had a hard swelling of 30*18mm in size, multiple cysts in the right axilla, and frequent episodes of fever and cold.

Detailed case-taking was done by considering both his mental and physical generals.


Physical Generals:

The child was weak, and her appetite was poor. She didn’t like food, and she was a non-vegetarian. She had no major likes or dislikes. She was regular with her food habits. She would hardly have 1 liter of water a day. Her perspiration was normal. She was intolerant to both the weather, and her bowel movements were regular. She had no urinary symptoms. Her sleep was sound but occasionally disturbed by the fever and colds. She weighed 6.5 kg and had no deformities.


Psychological and Family Make-Up:

She was an 9-month-old baby, who was very active, social, and would easily mingle. Her both parents were working. Her father stayed abroad, and her mother was now doing Ph.D. Her mother was very anxious and worried about the health of others.


Self and Family Medical History:


The 9-month-old baby had no history of illness. Also, there was no relevant family history of any major illness or autoimmune conditions.


At Life Force:


After going through the case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed research-based homeopathic medicines to the patient. She was also advised diet to follow along with the medicines.




At the follow-up on 20th December 2022, the patient’s mother brought her to the clinic after 2 months of having homeopathic medicine. Her relief from the cold was better. On examination, the swelling at the right axilla had reduced by 50% and the patient was better. She had no episodes of fever or cold. The patient’s parents were quite happy with the improvement in their baby’s relief in 2 months.


At the follow-up on 26th February 2023, the patient was brought to the clinic by her parents. On examination, the swelling at the right axilla was reduced further by 70% and was only felt on palpation. She had no attacks of fever or cold. The patient was overall better and her general health was improved.


Later, when the patient’s mother updated the progress report on 21st April 2023, about 80% to 90% of the disappearance of the swelling in the right axilla had occurred. The patient was further better and had normal milestones.


The patient’s mother was very grateful to Dr. Shah and his team of doctors for treating her child and improving her health.


The patient is continuing the treatment for improving immunity and overall health.




This case illustrates that homeopathy can treat lymphangiomatosis in babies incredibly and safely without any side effects. It phenomenally reduces swelling and improves the health of the child with lymphangiomatosis. Homeopathy is safe, and gentle, and can be given to infants and children of any age. It doesn't cause any side effects. This case shows that, with homeopathic treatment, the baby experienced an immense improvement in health and well-being by avoiding the surgical procedure.















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