A Depressed Elderly Turned Over A New Leaf With Homeopathy At Life Force


Depression is a chronic, long-lasting, or recurring, and treatable disorder where the patient experiences sadness, worthlessness, a loss of motive, interest, and hopelessness. It results due to complex partly understood biochemical changes in the brain, which are influenced and supported by multiple causes inclusive of the genetic trait, circumstantial factors, hormonal factors, socio-personal reasons, etc.

Homeopathy offers an excellent treatment for all the stages of Depression, particularly in the early stages. Homeopathy can take care of various symptoms of depression. Selecting the correct homeopathic medicine for depression requires professional skill, a detailed case evaluation of the patient’s life, in-depth knowledge of homeopathy, a proper understanding of depression and psychological diseases, and training in counseling, among others. Simply buying some homeopathic medicines from the market and taking them randomly would not give any benefit.

At Life Force, we have treated many cases of depression with excellent results. The dependency on conventional medicine (antidepressants) can be reduced with Homeopathy. One such case is of 72 years old male from Telangana who contacted us for treatment. He was already following Life Force’s medicines for joint pain, and he was a lot better with our homeopathic treatment.

One fine day the elderly patient’s son contacted us saying that the patient had developed depression symptoms. His wife passed away a few days ago, and he was into a depression since then. Lots of mood swings were noticed in the patient. He was always thinking, and often, he would start crying suddenly. He was experiencing immense loneliness and sadness. His family members tried to cheer him, but he was always brooding and feeling sad. He was better in relief from his joint pain with our medicines. So, his son requested us to start treatment for his depression also. The details were taken from the son about his current condition.

Physical Generals:

The patient’s appetite was reduced in the past few days. The patient was not eating properly. His thirst was average. He had no issues related to the urine and stool. His sleep was delayed and disturbed.

Psychological and Family Make-Up:

He was retired, and he was staying with his son and daughter-in-law.

Self and Family’s Medical History:

The patient had no other major illnesses in his past. Also, he had no medical history in his family.

At Life Force:

After studying the case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed research-based medicines to the patient.


After 2 months, on 3rd February 2020, the patient's son reported that there was no major change with the homeopathic medicines. The condition was the same as before. The patient experienced no difference in depression after starting medicines. He was still sad and hopeless as before. Mood swings and irritability were as it is. Based on this feedback, further medicines were prescribed to the patient.

On 15th July 2020, the patient's son updated that there was a gradual improvement noticed in his father. The mood swings had reduced than before. He has started socializing and taking an interest in activities. His sadness was reduced, and he was no longer crying suddenly. His appetite also started improving gradually. There was overall recovery with medicines.

On 15th April 2021, the patient's son reported that he was further better with the medicines. All the symptoms of depression were reduced eventually. He had started becoming happy and lively. The patient had started going out and talking to others which he was unable to do before. There was an overall improvement in his quality of life.

On 7th January 2022, the patient's son updated that he was further better. All his symptoms were reducing gradually and his psychological health was improving. The mood swings were no longer present. He was able to do his day-to-day work normally. His appetite was improving, and there was overall improvement noticed in the patient's health and well-being. He was also prescribed vitamin supplements along with homeopathic medicines.

On 1st October 2022, the patient himself gave feedback that he was feeling better now. The hopelessness and sad feeling are no longer affecting him. He can do everyday activities. He likes going out and talking to relatives and friends. There was an overall reduction in all his symptoms. The patient and his family were very happy with the recovery.

The patient and his son thanked Dr. Shah and the whole Life Force team for treating him and improving his health. He is continuing the treatment to experience a complete recovery from his disease.


This case illustrates that homeopathy can promote recovery from depression in the elderly incredibly and safely without any side effects.

  • Written by Dr. Kainaz, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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