A Dentist story, beating sore throat with Homeopathy

A young female, aged 34, with (Patient identification number: 50907), visited the Chembur clinic on March 11, 2023, complaining of recurrent episodes of pharyngitis since January 2022. She had experienced repeated bouts of coryza and dry cough, accompanied by severe throat pain and wheezing during the intense episodes. Allergic to hay, dust, and perfumes, she also faced incontinence of urine during coughing spells. Her complaints were exacerbated by the dust and pollution from nearby construction work near her home. Despite using various anti-allergic medications and nasal sprays, she found no relief and was actively seeking a cure at the time of her visit.

A Prosthodontics by profession, she maintained a busy schedule, but her pharyngitis began disrupting both her routine and professional life.


Physical generals:

She followed a mixed diet, favouring salty foods and sweets, and had sound sleep with an average water intake.


Mental generals:

Her childhood was happy, and filled with good memories, but her present life situation caused disturbances. Despite the challenges, she remained confident and expressive in her emotions.


Past history:

She had a past history of dengue and Urticaria.

After a detailed and meticulous study of her case, Dr Shah prescribed Tuberculinum-30 and Calcarea carb-30



In her 1st follow-up on April 19th, she experienced significant improvement, with an 80% reduction in the frequency and duration of her episodes. Delighted with the treatment, she expressed her satisfaction.

In subsequent follow-ups, she reported an improvement in sensitivity to strong smells and dust, noting that they no longer triggered her episodes. Consequently, she ceased her anti-allergic medication.

In the subsequent follow-up, she had mild episodes of cough and throat pain but found relief without resorting to anti-allergic medication, thanks to homeopathic treatment. Over time, she became completely symptom-free and embraced a better life.



This story shows how homeopathy helps people with throat issues live better without daily troubles. Homeopathy is like a superpower for allergies. Instead of just taking allergy medicines, it makes your body stronger. Allergies can come from anything, and finding the exact cause is hard. Instead of just looking for allergens, homeopathy focuses on making the patient's immune system stronger. This way, it helps the body fight infections on its own, providing a holistic approach to well-being.


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