A 92-Year Elderly Found Marvelous Relief from Acidity with Homeopathy

A 92-year-old male patient, Mr. I. (PIN: 50929) visited the Thane branch of Life Force Homeopathy in March 2023. The patient presented with the primary concern of Acidity. For the last 2 months, he has been suffering from acidity with an episode after food i. e. 3 times/ day for 25-30 minutes. His acidity episodes included burning in the chest with sour eructations, headache, bloating, and heaviness in the abdomen occasionally causing regurgitation of food. He was suffering from retrosternal burning with discomfort in the chest which would get aggravated after food intake. He was taking tab Rablet once every 3 days for relief. The patient had an issue of constipation after operating for piles.


The patient also had complaints of cramps in both legs for the last 1.5 years. He had no history of injury and no deficiencies. The cramps would last for more than 15 minutes. His cramps would start at night when asleep. He was on medication Flexon MR 2-3 times a week.


Physical Generals:

The patient was a pure vegetarian and had cravings for milk and spicy food. He had no appetite and was experiencing a decreased thirst. The patient was thermally hot.


Psychological Make-Up:


The patient had a reserved personality and mild behavior towards people. Sometimes, he would get irritated easily.


Medical History:

The patient was operated on for BPH in 1988 and piles in 1968.


These were the highlights of the case. After this extensive case-taking of the patient, a suitable diet plan was provided to him and explained. Dr. Shah studied the case in detail and made a prescription accordingly. Since the patient visited the Life Force branch, medications were couriered to the patient from the pharmacy which is located at the head office in Chembur.


Several investigations were prescribed to the patient. The blood levels were normal.



During the first follow-up i. e. after 1 month, the patient felt 20% to 25% better. The burning had reduced in the throat and epigastric region. Occasionally, he experienced nausea.


In the second follow-up i.e. after 2 months of following the homeopathic treatment, the patient had experienced about 50% relief in all the symptoms with mild burning in the throat. His appetite was still inadequate i.e. little to no appetite. Further, a best-suited remedy was prescribed to the patient according to the current follow-up.


When the patient visited us for his third follow-up, he was feeling about 60% better in relief from all the complaints. He was glad with the treatment and wanted to start a treatment plan for cramps as well. His current complaints related to cramps were considered and medications for cramps and acidity were prescribed.


In his recent follow-up in September 2023, the patient showed an overall 70% to 75% improvement and only had complaints of bloating. His appetite had improved a lot.




Homeopathy works slowly is a myth, when the best possible medication is prescribed to the patient the improvement and betterment of the patient's generals can be observed since the first follow-up. This case illustrates that homeopathy can promote recovery from acidity in the elderly incredibly and safely with no side effects. 

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