A 70-Year-Old Lady with Allergic Rhinitis Found Solace in Homeopathy

A 70-year-old female patient, Mrs. V. (PIN: 20214) visited the Chembur branch of Life Force with complaints of severe allergic rhinitis in 2017. She was an old patient at Life Force who was treated for lichen planus in 2013.


The patient had complaints such as violent sneezes and sputum formation. She was suffering from its episodes frequently with no specific triggers and no factors were ruled out even after a thorough history taking. Her complaints would start at any time of the day.


After proper case-taking, Dr. Shah prescribed a medication suitable to the patient's clinical history along with the generals. The diet chart was explained along with the various exercises and techniques to avoid certain allergic substances present in the environment.


The patient showed a good improvement in the symptoms and control in frequency. The condition of the patient was stable for more than a year.


In 2019, during the follow-up in January, the patient had an aggravated state of the disease condition. Even after the best possible prescription, the patient showed little to no improvement.


For several months, i.e. up to 7 months, she showed a lot of patience and had a hope for improvement and betterment of her health the way she had earlier in the last year.


When the follow-up was taken in August 2019, the patient showed about 25% improvement in her relief of the symptoms.


Due to some issues from the patient’s side, she was unable to reach us for further follow-ups in the year 2020.


Later, in March, the patient could reach us and, as per her feedback, she had experienced an improvement in the condition. The intensity of her complaints had reduced. She had bouts of sneezes and sputum formation had increased during the night time and decreased during the day by 15%.


The patient showed up to 60% to 70% improvement in her relief from allergic conditions and sneezing complaints. The sputum formation had also reduced.


In 2021, the patient was well up to 70% and also showed further improvement. The patient suffered from COVID-19 in April 2021 and had to stop medication for 1.5 months.


In the follow-up in May, the patient had experienced an aggravated state for 15 days. The patient showed improvement in the relief from the condition till September 2021.


Later, in October, the patient had an aggravation in sputum formation at night and pain in the gums. Her tongue was white-coated with blisters and pain in her gums with a tingling sensation; this was later diagnosed as candidiasis.


This sudden fungal infection may have resulted due to several emotional stress and depression. She was under a lot of stress due to his sons unstable household.


Considering all these mental generals and the current clinical condition of the patient, the best possible medication was prescribed.


In further follow-ups, the patient showed a lot of improvement. The patient was doing well and was in a stable condition till August 2022.


Later, after the medication was prescribed in August, the patient had no episodes or complaints in further follow-ups till June 2023, and sputum formation was reduced significantly.


In July, the patient had a viral infection yet had no major symptoms. Just minor ear pain and sneezing affected her.



This case highlights that homeopathy can promote recovery from allergic rhinitis in the elderly gently, effectively, and safely with no side effects.

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