A 7-Year-Old Boy’s Journey to Tic Disorder Relief with Homeopathy

Tic disorders are neurodevelopmental conditions that cause sudden, rapid, and repeated movements or sounds that are not rhythmic. These tics can greatly affect a child's quality of life, including their social interactions and school performance. Traditional treatments often include behavioural therapy and medication, but some parents look for alternative options like homeopathy. This case study explores how a 7-year-old boy successfully managed his tic disorder with homeopathic treatment at Life Force Homeopathy.


A 7-year-old boy, identified as Pin-49983, visited Life Force Homeopathy with his parents on December 14, 2022. They reported that he had been experiencing sudden, involuntary facial movements for about three months, which were gradually getting worse. These tics happened multiple times a day, each lasting around 5 seconds, and were causing significant distress for both the boy and his family. His medical and family history were reviewed and updated. Although conventional medical treatments were considered, his parents were concerned about potential side effects and opted for homeopathic treatment instead.

 A thorough case history was taken, including both his physical and mental health.


Physical generals:

The patient was a non-vegetarian with a normal appetite, enjoying spicy foods and preferring meat and fish. He drank between 500 ml to 1 liter of water daily and had no preference for hot or cold weather. His bowel movements were normal, and he had no issues with urination. He slept well, usually on his side.


Mental generals:

The boy was very active and extroverted, enjoying the company of others. He liked playing with kids his age and was happy to share his belongings with friends. He had a friendly and sociable personality.

His intellectual abilities were also noted. A comprehensive general and systemic examination was conducted and recorded in his case file.

After thoroughly analysing the case, Dr. Shah prescribed the appropriate homeopathic medicines.



First Follow-up (8.3.23): The twitching had significantly reduced, occurring only about 10 times a day or sometimes just 1-2 times. The patient mostly experienced tics when tired or yawning.


Second Follow-up (20.4.23): There was further improvement, with twitching reduced to 1-2 times a day or 3-4 times a week.


Continued follow-ups showed steady improvement.


By 16.5.24: The boy's parents reported he was thriving both academically and socially with no signs of relapse. They expressed gratitude for the holistic homeopathic treatment, which not only alleviated his symptoms but also improved his overall well-being without any side effects.



This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment in managing tic disorders in children. By addressing the root causes and enhancing the body's natural healing processes, homeopathy provides a gentle, holistic approach to reducing symptoms and promoting long-term recovery.

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