A 14 -Year-Old Girl got 100% Relief from Chronic Frequent Cold in a Few Months with Homeopathy

A 14-year-old girl (PIN: 50584) visited Life Force Homeopathy, Malleswaram Branch Bangalore on 2nd February 2023 seeking treatment for her recurring cold and cough. She has been experiencing these symptoms since childhood. Her main complaints include a runny nose, watery eyes, blocked nose, continuous sneezing, a heavy feeling in the head, and coughing. During severe episodes, she also experienced wheezing and difficulty breathing occasionally.


She used to experience episodes every two weeks, and each episode would typically last for 5-6 days. Her symptoms would often worsen during seasonal changes and periods of stress. Her medical history was reviewed and updated. Additionally, her family's medical history was also reviewed and updated. Her mother had autoimmune diseases, while her father had Urticaria and gastric issues.


A detailed case history was taken, including both her mental and physical symptoms.


Physical Generals:

The patient was a non-vegetarian and had an average appetite. She craved sweets and spicy foods but disliked sour food items. She had an average thirst and drank 2-2.5 liters of water daily. She was intolerant to the cold weather and didn't sweat much. Her bowel movements were normal, and she had no urinary symptoms. She also experienced moderate mood changes during her period. She slept well but often had dreams about exams and falling from heights.


Psychological Make-Up:

The patient's psychological aspects were also examined. She had a happy childhood and a supportive family. During her childhood, she was cheerful and had many friends. However, in recent years, she turned more reserved and introverted. Her academic performance declined, and she struggled to concentrate on her studies. She had a fear of insects and a fear of failure. She had many insecurities and felt less intelligent than other girls of her age. Her lack of confidence was due to her short height, which caused her to have an inferiority complex. She constantly had racing thoughts and felt restless. She often directed her anger towards her mother. Additionally, she experienced high levels of anxiety.


Her intellectual abilities were also taken into consideration. Her memory, perception, logic, intelligence, and analysis all were average.


Medical History:


Her past and current treatment history was asked about and updated. She would take antibiotics and antihistamines once or twice a month when her symptoms worsened.


At Life Force:


After thoroughly examining the patient's complete medical history, Dr. Shah prescribed the appropriate medication. Additionally, she provided a general diet plan and shared some useful links and videos related to Life Force Homeopathy's treatment.





At the first follow-up on 6th April 2023, the patient felt mild to moderate significant improvement. The frequency and intensity of the episodes had reduced. She needed to take antibiotics and antihistamines.


By 1st June 2023, the patient experienced some improvement in her relief from the symptoms. Her sneezing, runny nose, weakness, and fever all had decreased. Additionally, she had nearly completed a one-and-half-month course of antibiotics.


When the patient had a follow-up on 27th July 2023, she showed a significant improvement of 90%. Additionally, she had ceased taking all allopathic medications, which was a highly encouraging development. The patient expressed great happiness and gratitude for the treatment provided by Dr. Shah at Life Force Homeopathy. Furthermore, she was thoroughly satisfied with the outcomes achieved.




This case demonstrates that homeopathy provides an effective remedy for issues such as frequent colds and coughs. Homeopathy works by enhancing the patient's immune system and addressing the root cause of the disease. It offers a safe and long-lasting solution without any side effects, allowing patients to break free from their drug dependency on conventional medications.



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