A 12-Year-Old Girl Felt Fresh & Energetic with 90% Relief from Frequent Cold and Cough with Homeopathy

69% to 70% of children are reported to cough usually with colds. Children may suffer from at least 6 to 8 episodes of cold and cough in a year. Most colds result from rhinoviruses. A child can catch a cold through airborne droplets or direct contact with a sick person. Sneezing, coughing, and a runny nose are common symptoms. 


Fortunately, you have homeopathy to treat the condition gently, naturally, and effectively with no adverse effects. Here’s a successfully treated case of cold and cough with homeopathy.


Case Study at Life Force Homeopathy:

A 12-year-old girl, Miss. H. P. (PIN: 17847) started treatment at Pimpri Clinic in Pune on the 10th of March 2022 for her complaints of recurrent cold and cough. She had presented with frequent colds and coughs characterized by a wet cough, running nose with thin watery discharges, sneezing, and occasional vomiting due to coughing. These symptoms would get aggravated by the consumption of chocolate, cold drinks, cow's milk, and ice cream. There was no fever or breathlessness reported. The severity of the episodes was mild to moderate. The frequency of episodes was once or twice a month, lasting for 6-8 hours. It typically required conventional medicine for resolution.


Patient’s Medical History:

The patient had no significant medical history.


Family Medical History:

In the patient’s family, her father had a history of tonsillitis.


Physical Examination:


The physical examination of the patient revealed:


Chest: Clear

Nose: Thick greenish discharges

Throat: Clear


General Health Information:

The girl was a happy child living in a joint family along with her brother. Her weight was 12 kg and she had normal growth. She experienced a profuse perspiration mainly on her back. She had an average appetite and a craving for salt. Her birth weight was 3.3 kg and was breastfed normally. She had achieved milestones on time and had a normal sitting posture.


Treatment and Follow-up:

A detailed case history was taken at Life Force Homeopathy, and the case was studied in-depth by Dr. Rajesh Shah. Blood investigations were carried out, and dietary recommendations were provided.


Follow-up Summary:


At the follow-up on 3rd May 2022, the patient experienced an improvement in relief from the symptoms. Her cough and running nose had reduced. She had taken no antibiotics in the last month. She was feeling fresh in general now. The patient had not experienced a single episode in the whole month.


At the follow-up on the 13th of September 2022, the patient’s condition was stable. She had experienced an attack of cold 20 days back that was resolved with antibiotics in 3 days. Currently, she has no active ailments.


At the follow-up on 16th November 2022, the patient’s condition was stable for the last 2 months. She had not experienced any cold attacks. Generally, she was feeling fresh.


At the follow-up on 27th January 2023, the patient had experienced an episode of cough and cold. Her cough had worsened on lying down at night. She has been experiencing sleep disturbances for the past 20-25 days. Mild backache along with coughing was present. She no longer experienced a nose block or runny nose. The frequency of her complaints had reduced further, and she had no cold episodes in the last 2 months.


At the follow-up on the 26th of March 2023, the patient had a mild cough throughout the day that would get worse at night when lying down. She had sleep disturbances too. Her complaints were stable after the last round of medications. No recent cold episodes, but an occasional dry cough was bothering her while asleep.


At the follow-up on 25th May 2023, the patient had no cold episodes. But, she had a fever episode 2-3 days back (attributed to traveling outstation).

Her fever had subsided after taking paracetamol.


At the follow-up on 23rd September 2023, the patient had experienced a 90% improvement and was stable. She had no episodes of cold or coryza since May 2023. Now, she was active and fresh in general. Energetically, the child was feeling better on all planes.



Homeopathic treatment, under the care of Dr. Rajesh Shah at Life Force Homeopathy, has resulted in significant improvement in relief from frequent colds and coughs. The frequency and intensity of cold and cough episodes reduced, and the patient has experienced extended periods of symptom-free health. This case highlights the potential benefits of homeopathy in managing recurrent colds and coughs in pediatric patients, thereby leading to improved quality of life. Further follow-up and monitoring are recommended to track the long-term progress of the patient.


  • Written by Dr. Deepa Chandroth, an Associate Doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD (Hom)







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