A 12-Year-Old Female Kid Suffering from Chronic Eczema Found Excellent Relief with Homeopathy

What is Eczema? 

Eczema is common among all age groups. Patches of the skin that have eczema become inflamed, itchy, cracked, and rough. Blisters can develop in some types. Atopic dermatitis, the most prevalent kind, is frequently referred to as eczema. Eczema, asthma, and hay fever are just a few of the immune-related disorders that fall under the umbrella term. Skin inflammation is referred to as dermatitis. Dairy products and nuts, for example, might make eczema symptoms worse. Smoke, pollen, soaps, and scents are a few examples of environmental triggers of the condition. Eczema cannot be spread from one person to another and is non-contagious.


Homeopathy can treat the condition effectively and safely without any side effects.


A 12-year-old female patient (PIN: 46610) suffering from chronic Eczema complaint came to Life Force in October 2021.


For the past eight years, the patient was suffering from an extremely severe form of eczema. She had noticeable eruptions and sores all over her body, including her face, lips, back, abdomen, neck, and limbs. The main trigger of her skin condition was climate shifts from a hot to a cold climate. Her complaints used to worsen in the cold climate and improve in the hot summer environment. She had painful sores that were red and burning badly.


Physical Generals:

The patient's thirst had lessened, and her appetite was normal. The patient liked foods that were hot and salty. She used to experience sleep problems occasionally. Her slumber was not restful.


Dr. Shah gave the patient some food recommendations and research-based homeopathic medications after carefully reviewing the situation. The patient was also advised to moisturize the skin because dryness may cause to exacerbate the symptoms of eczema. 





She was glad to report that her itching and skin eruptions, which were the patient's main concerns, had decreased by 40% at the first follow-up in January 2022 i.e. 7 weeks after starting the treatment. She also noticed a more than 50% overall recovery. Upon evaluation, the skin's recovery from dryness, eruptions, itching, and roughness showed a marked improvement.


On the second follow-up in April 2022, after 3.5 months of the homeopathic treatment, the patient’s itching had stopped completely. Her recovery from the eruptions and dryness was better by 60%. She was advised to continue the treatment for a complete recovery.


After 8 months of receiving homeopathic treatment, at the follow-up appointment on 18th August 2022, she experienced a 90% improvement in relief from her problems. The remaining problems had all vanished, leaving just dryness on the neck, and folds with hyperpigmentation. She experienced a full recovery from the eruptions. She was once more told to keep up the therapy for full healing.


The patient's journey in achieving recovery from the skin condition was not an easy one. She had been struggling with her complaints for a long time, and it had taken a toll on her physical and mental health. However, with the help of Dr. Shah's treatment plan, she experienced significant improvement in her condition.


The subsequent follow-ups showed that the patient's relief from her complaints continued to improve. By the time of her last follow-up, on 18th April 2023, she was almost free from all her complaints. The itching had stopped, and her skin quality had improved significantly.


Apart from these improvements, the patient's disease was stable, which was a positive sign. Dr. Shah advised the patient to regulate her diet, which helped in controlling her weight as well.


Although the patient is still on medication to prevent relapse of symptoms and maintain stability, she is happy with the progress she has made so far. Her family is also grateful to Dr. Shah for his expertise and support throughout this journey. 



This case highlights that homeopathy can help treat very chronic eczema very well.  With regular treatment, eczema can go away faster and occur less often. Homeopathy is a safe and effective way to help improve your skin health and texture without any side effects. Just make sure to start treatment early as soon as it is diagnosed.


  • Written by Dr. Vinay Ram. C, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah 

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