9-Year-Old Child With Chronic Nephrotic Syndrome Got Rid of Relapses and Steroids With Homeopathy

A 9-year-old patient, Mast. D. S. (PIN: 46705) along with his parents consulted Life Force in November 2021 for the treatment of his Nephrotic Syndrome that was bothering him since 2018. When he consulted us, the child was already having swelling over the abdomen, eyes, and genitals. He was on Homeopathic medicine from some other physician. He was admitted to ICU for the same and started with T. Omnacortil 50 mg.


The patients parents were quite anxious, as he was admitted to the hospital, and started medicine from Life Force. Earlier, the patient was experiencing relapses every 3 months, but this episode was severe. His episodes of nephrotic syndrome used to get triggered by recurrent colds and colds.


Dr. Shah studied the case and prescribed Lycopodium Clavatum 30 to the patient.


On 9th January 2022, the patient was admitted and started with T. Omnacortil 50 mg twice daily.



On the first follow-up on 8th March 2022, the patient was taking T. Omnacortil since Feb 2022. His urine albumin was negative. 


On 11th June 2022, there was no relapse bothering him and he was better in general.


On the follow-up on 7th October 2022, no relapse had occurred, but he had 1 episode of cold and cough.


On 3rd November 2022, the patient was a lot better. His weight increased, and relapse no longer affected him.



This case study highlights that Homeopathy can give desired, lasting results in Nephrotic Syndrome with drug dependency and recurrent chronic diseases. Homeopathy is strongly recommended for relapsing diseases and conditions affecting children to increase immunity for a long duration safely, gently, and effectively with no side effects.


  • Written by Dr. Sapna Tarale, Associate doctor Dr. Rajesh Shah

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