100% Healing Of Allergic Rhinitis Patient With Dr. Shah’s Homeopathy

Allergic Rhinitis (Hay Fever) is inflammation of the nose which occurs due to the hypersensitive reaction of our immune system to allergens in the air. The common signs and symptoms include repeated sneezing with an itchy stuffy and runny nose, scratchy throat, itchy eyes with swelling, redness and watering, headache, cough, fatigue, etc.

Allergy is often triggered by allergens such as pollen, dust mites, animal dander, cat saliva, mold, etc.

Fortunately, you have homeopathy to treat the condition effectively and safely with no side effects. Here’s a case of allergic rhinitis treated with homeopathy at Life Force remarkably.


Case study


A 48-year-old female (PIN: 46990) approached Life Force Homeopathy, Jayanagar Branch on 19th December 2021 with the symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis that she was suffering from for 1 year. She was presenting with symptoms such as continuous bouts of sneezing in the early morning upon waking up that lasted for 7-8 hours. The patient was also facing involuntary dribbling of urine while sneezing. She had a blocked nose on most days which used to get worse in the cold weather.


She was getting severe episodes 1-2 times a year. Her severe episode of allergic rhinitis lasted for 2-3 days. Her complaints were mostly aggravated due to pollen, dust, and cold weather.


Personal and Family Medical History:

 When asked about her treatment history, the patient told us that she didn't take any treatment so far for her allergic complaints and this was the first time she was consulting for her complaints. Her family’s medical history was also asked about and updated. Her father and mother were hypertensive. Her elder daughter had allergic rhinitis, and her younger daughter had dermatitis. Her history of ailments was asked about and updated.


A detailed case history was taken considering her mental and physical generals.


Physical Generals:


The patient was a vegetarian and had an average appetite. Also, she had a craving for sweets. The patient had an average thirst and drank about 2 to 2.5 liters of water daily. She had average perspiration and was tolerant to both extremes of climate. Her bowels were satisfactory, and she had no complaints. She had a regular menstrual cycle and had no major menstrual symptoms as such. She enjoyed a sound sleep and preferred lying on her sides.


Her physical examination was done, and her weight and BP were checked and updated. 


Psychological Make-Up:


Her mental symptoms were also taken into consideration.

She had a very happy childhood with a very supportive family. Her marital life was satisfactory, and she was well-settled in life.


She was a mild, gentle, and polite lady. The patient was claustrophobic and had fear of traveling by flight. She was highly fastidious and always wanted things to be done systematically and well-organized. She had a fear of heights. She didn’t like to indulge in fights or quarrels. Her intellectual sphere was also considered. Her memory, perception, intelligence, analysis, and logic all were good.


Dr. Shah went through the case file in detail and prescribed the medicines after evaluating the whole case. The patient was also advised to follow the diet chart for allergic rhinitis given to her.




Her first follow-up was taken on 12th February 2022. The patient was 50% better in the first follow-up itself. She had no episodes of sneezing after starting the homeopathic treatment at Life Force.


In further follow-ups, the patient was showing good signs of improvement in the relief from nose blockage. 


By 22nd June 2022, the patient was overall better by 70%-80%.


By 18th November 2022 (within one year), she completely recovered from allergic rhinitis and was very happy and satisfied with the treatment at Life Force Homeopathy from the guidance of Dr. Shah.





This case highlights that homeopathy is the best treatment for allergic complaints both in young and old people, as it is devoid of harmful elements and has no side effects. Homeopathy not only relieves the symptoms but also ensures you enjoy long-lasting relief from your allergic problems. Homeopathy treats the root cause of the disease and not just the symptoms and provides you with a long-lasting recovery from the condition.



  • Written by Dr. Poornima P., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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