10 Years Chronic Meniere’s Disease Patient Found Phenomenal Relief With Homeopathy


Meniere’s disease is a chronic disorder that affects the inner ear and causes changes in the fluid in the tubes of the inner ear. This condition causes vertigo and fullness of the ear. It also leads to hearing problems and ringing/buzzing sounds in the ear.

Causes of Menieres Disease:

The cause of Meniere’s disease is unknown. Meniere’s disease appears to be the result of changes in the fluid in the tubes of the inner ear. Other suggested reasons include allergies, stress, autoimmune diseases, frequent ear infections, hypersecretion or hypo-absorption of the endolymph, and viral infections. 

Symptoms of Meniere’s Disease

  • Vertigo lasts from a few minutes to 24 hours

  • A loss of hearing

  • Tinnitus or the sensation of buzzing in the affected ear

  • Aural fullness

  • Imbalance

  • Frequent headaches

  • Nausea, vomiting

Complications due to Menieres Disease:

  1. Unpredictable episodes of vertigo

  2. Chances of permanent hearing loss

  3. Vertigo increases the risk of falls and accidents

Fortunately, you can treat the condition naturally and effectively with homeopathy. Heres a Menieres disease case treated with homeopathy at Life Force.

Case Study

A 25-year-old male was looking for treatment for his 48-year-old mother (PIN: 39934) who was suffering from Menieres disease for 10 years. Her main presenting symptoms were imbalance, Tinnitus, buzzing of the sound, fullness of the ear, nausea, and vertigo. She suffered from it after undergoing heavy household work and stress due to her husband`s health issues. The patient was on allopathic treatment from 2014 till the date of approaching Life Force. Her current prescription details were asked about and updated. The patient was taking Vertin 16 mg twice a day since 2014, and the case taking was done in detail.

Her symptoms were often triggered due to prolonged stress (Her husband's health issues triggered mental stress).

Self and Familys Medical History:

Her history of ailments was asked about and updated. She had undergone operations for a Hysterectomy in 2003, Gall bladder removal in 2003, and Anal Fissure in 1995. Her family history was also asked about and updated.

Physical Generals:

Her appetite was average. She was very fond of coffee. The patient disliked milk. Her thirst was average and she drank 2-3 liters of water daily. Her bowel movement was satisfactory, and she had no associated urinary complaints. She experienced average perspiration and could bear both extremes of climate. She enjoyed a sound sleep with no dreams as such. 

Her further details were collected and updated. Her height was 164 cm and his weight was 64 kg.

Psychological and Family Make-Up:

Her mental generals and childhood history was also asked about. She had a very loving and supportive family with a happy childhood, and, later, her married life was also good. By nature, she was reserved. When asked about her emotions, the patient told that she was quite happy.

At Life Force:

After analyzing the complete case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed his research-based medicine to the patient. She was also given all relevant diet charts and lifestyle change recommendations, and we also shared videos related to her disease condition and details regarding the treatment at Life Force.


The patients first follow-up was done on 12th September 2019. Her relief was slightly better from the fullness of the ear, imbalance, & vomiting. She had a mild attack of vertigo and 2 episodes of vomiting. The patient was still having a buzzing sound in her right ear and was still taking Vertin once a day. 

At the second follow-up on 1st November 2019, she mentioned that no episodes of vertigo and no episodes of vomiting affected her anymore. Occasionally, she had episodes of imbalance and was taking a Vertin tab once in 3 days.

On 13th March 2020, the patient was feeling further better. She was 70% better. No episodes of vertigo and no episodes of vomiting bothered her anymore. She took Vertin tablets occasionally.

In subsequent follow-ups, the patient was feeling better and took a break from her medication for almost 11 months.

The patient again had a relapse in November 2021 and restarted with Vertin tablet 16mg once daily. Dr. Shah reviewed the entire case again and prescribed homeopathic medicines to her accordingly.

By 2nd February 2022, the patient was feeling almost 90% better. The buzzing sound in her ear had also reduced considerably. Also, she had stopped taking Vertin Tablets completely.

In the subsequent follow-ups, she was better and improving. With our homeopathic medicines, she was glad to stop her dependency on Vertin tablets.

The patient was very happy and grateful to Dr. Shah for the treatment she received at Life Force Homeopathy.


This case illustrates that homeopathy gives excellent results in most cases of Meniere’s disease. Homeopathy works at treating the disease at its root level, thereby giving a long-lasting to permanent solution to the problem than just temporary relief. Homeopathy promotes recovery from Menieres disease incredibly and safely with no side effects. Also, homeopathy helps eliminate the dependency on allopathic medicines.

  • Written by Dr. Anjali S., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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