Urticaria Treated Fully In 8 Months Of Homeopathic Treatment At Life Force

An anxious female from Delhi, Mrs. R. R (Patient identification number: 28918) visited Life Force with complaints of urticaria that she was suffering since one year. She had episodes of red eruptions anywhere her body, prominently on the face as it used to get affected the most. The eruptions would not go away for almost two days compelling her to take antihistamines, such as cetirizine. During the episode, she used to experience burning and heat sensation in the affected areas along with irresistible itching. The urticaria used to get worse during the morning time and wane off as the day would pass.

The patient was not on any treatment, but she used to apply ointment sufradex as and when required. She had high levels of allergy.

IgE levels (15/05/16)- 879 (High)

Past History

She suffered from no major illness in the past apart from PCOD, which was already treated and now she has a 5-years-old son. 

Family History

On inquiring about any major illness in the family, the patient mentioned about her mother been suffering from Lichen Planus since many years, her maternal uncle undergoing dialysis for kidney disease, and her maternal aunt had cancer.

Constitution And Family Set-Up

Patient was lively and confident during the conversation. She loved to talk, and she was quite expressive about herself. She was short-tempered and would lose patience easily. She had lost her father at a tender age of eleven months and felt lonely in her childhood. She used to get anxious on petty things and always wanted to set things right for herself. She also had many ups and downs in her personal life which she thought was the cause of her disease.

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She lived with her mother, who was retired from the paramilitary. She was a housewife and had a five-years-old son.  


The case was reviewed and she was prescribed Natrum muriaticum 30 along with research based medicines by Dr. Shah. The patient had many questions regarding the nature and course of the disease. She was also anxious about her recovery and time span of the treatment. She was guided appropriately and all her queries were answered satisfactorily. Dr. Shah advised her to follow a good diet and regimen and avoid stress which will improve her immunity and also support the treatment.

She was also advised a few investigations to rule out other possible causes of having a low immunity.


The patient gave her first follow-up over the phone on 28th July 2016. She informed that the urticaria discomfort was daily but its intensity was quite less. She did not take Tab. Cetrizine. She informed about the reports which were suggested to her.

(6/7/16) T3: 87, T4: 6.7, TSH: 2.97, Serum Vitamin D3: 13.88,
Serum vitamin B12: 203

Supplements for Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3 were prescribed to leave no stone unturned in her treatment for urticaria.

When the second follow-up given on 25th November 2016 by the patient, there was a remarkable improvement with 50% reduction in overall urticaria frequency, intensity, and duration. She did not need to take any additional antihistamine for urticaria. Further set of medicines were couriered to the patient.

The patient called up on 24th March 2017 to give an update about her health condition. She was elated and happy to inform us that the medicines really worked well for her, and even after a gap in taking the medications she did not suffer from a single episode of urticaria. There were times when she suffered from itching occasionally anywhere on the body, but without any rash. The patient was now quite alert and careful about her food habits and was exercising regularly. She was told that she needs to take a maintenance dose since autoimmune diseases like urticaria have a tendency to relapse.

Patient made a visit to the clinic on 7th June 2017 after completing one year of successful treatment for urticaria. She mentioned that she not only got rid of urticaria but is also feeling quite relaxed overall. She could now manage her anxiety and stress levels quite effectively without getting irritated. Dr. Shah opined that she could now stop the treatment and continue with a healthy regime ahead. The patient thanked Dr. Shah and also shared her experience through a video.


This case highlights that homeopathy is strongly recommended for urticaria. In this case, it not only helped in treating urticaria, but also cured her other associated complaints, such as anxiety. Her confidence level was also improved significantly. In any autoimmune disease, parameters to keep immunity at par are also important and should be evaluated and corrected if deficient. Hence, it is rightly said and proven that “homeopathy treats the man as a whole”.


  • Written by Dr. Kanchan, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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