Urticaria Patient In The USA Breathed A Sign Of Relief With Dr. Shah’s Homeopathy

“Happiness is having a scratch for every itch”, says poet Ogden Nash, but, I am sure that patients with hives and other itchy skin conditions would greatly disagree with him. This case study is about one such patient, Mr. R. S. (PIN: 14127) who had developed urticaria and his itch was a great source of misery to him. He would get the urge to scratch his skin, and, as he was working in a corporate office, it would seem inappropriate to do this freely. Also, besides itching, he used to develop urticarial hives – red raised eruptions on the body after scratching. He had to use antiallergics to suppress this itch. Several times he tried to find the source of this itching but was unsuccessful. He used to suffer from skin rash in the winters due to the dryness of his skin, and this rash used to subside with moisturizers. He realized that his present rash was very different from his winter rash. He thought it to be due to his pet, but he had this pet for 3 years and could not attribute it to the pet. He also had not switched to any new skin care product for a while nor did he suffer from any kind of stress or had changed his diet.

Baffled by this sudden appearance of the skin complaint, he decided to visit a dermatologist who diagnosed it as idiopathic urticaria and prescribed him some steroids and antiallergics tablets which relieved his complaint time being. However, he was not very keen on continuing with steroids as it was only suppressing his immunity. It was at this point that Mr. RS approached us through the website. He was staying in the USA then. 

Our associate doctor consulted him over a chat and took a detailed history of his problem. She explained to him about Dr. Shahs online treatment protocol, how Dr. Shah was treating patients across 180 countries through this treatment protocol, and how we could also help him through the same. Since the case was of the recent onset, treatment for 8 months was suggested to start with and then continue further if any symptoms persisted beyond this.

He registered for the online treatment in November 2021. Our associate doctor took a detailed case history. The patient mentioned that he got this urticarial rash once in 3-4 days and that he was unable to identify any triggers for it. However, he noted that the hot temperature acted as an aggravating factor for his complaints of urticaria. He used to get raised eruptions of 2 mm to 1 cm size on the body including the collar, armpits, elbow and knee undersides, groin, buttocks, and back. These eruptions used to be pale initially and red as the condition would turn more intense.


Physical Generals:

During the case taking, he mentioned that he did not like to eat excess salty or oily in the diet, though he did eat sweets. His thirst and perspiration were average, and he was more tolerant to the colder temperatures than the warmer ones. He was lean. 


Psychological and Family Make-Up:

He worked as an engineer and stayed with his family comprising of his wife, son, daughter, and parents. The job was not stressful, though certain situations triggered his anxiety.


Personal and Family’s Medical History:

He had a history of eczema in childhood, and his father had psoriasis.


At Life Force:

Dr. Shah analyzed his case and prescribed him homeopathic medicines along with his research-based molecules. His medicines were dispatched to the USA through courier. At this time, he was asked to continue with the antihistamines as and when required.



At his first follow-up on 1st March 22, he gave feedback as below:

My symptoms have dramatically improved, even if on certain days I begin to see mild rashes appear, they disappear within a day or so. There is a huge improvement with the current medication. His recovery from urticaria was 70% to 80% better, and he did not need to take any antihistamines in the past four months when he started the Life Force treatment. He got just 1-2 episodes of the urticaria in the past 4 months that lasted only for a few hours. Based on the feedback, his second batch of medicines was sent, and we are now awaiting his feedback after the second batch of medicines.



Learning from his case:

  1. Distance does not matter for the treatment if the patient can convey his disease picture clearly to his physician.
  2. Results with homeopathic treatment are always better if the treatment is initiated soon after the complaint has started. The more chronic the complaint is and the more dependent it is on conventional medicines, the more difficult it is to get quick results with homeopathy.

This case illustrates that homeopathy can treat urticaria successfully and safely without any side effects. The sooner you begin homeopathic treatment at the onset of the skin condition, the more incredible relief you experience in the symptoms of urticaria.

Written by Dr. Yafta S., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah





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