Urticaria is curable with homeopathy and does not require antihistamines...

S. K. 27 year old male visited the clinic with complaints of urticaria since 6 months.

He had rashes all over the body especially on legs, arms and back. It was dermatographic urticaria.The frequency of rashes was two to three times a day.
There was intense itching and burning. His complaints were worse by perspiration and he would feel better by aloe vera lotion and ice application. He was on antihistamine Atarax once a day since 2 months, despite which there was severe itching when the rashes would appear.

On a detailed case taking he remarked there was a marked craving for chicken and he had an aversion to cabbage and brinjal. He was intolerant to slightest heat. He was a student, aspiring to become a commercial pilot.

S. K. described himself as a helpful and social person, who didn’t like to lie and who would rarely get angry.

After assessing his case Dr Shah prescribed the indicated homeopathic medicines to him.

S. K. responded very well to the treatment. Within 4 weeks the frequency of his rashes reduced from two to three times a day to twice a week. The itching was relatively less after combining homeopathy alongwith the antihistamine.

In 8 weeks he reported the frequency of hives had reduced to once or twice in ten days. The itching and burning sensation was better by 50% and so he was advised to stop with the Atarax and continue only with homeopathy.

Within four months, the urticaria was remarkably better, the rashes had become infrequent. They had stopped appearing and the itching was comparatively less. Occasionally if there was a mild rash it was accompanied by mild itching. The Atarax was no more needed.

S. K. is continuing with homeopathy for complete recovery from the urticaria.

This case illustrates that urticaria responds extremely well to homeopathy and is a curable condition.

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