Urticaria: In a young girl treated completely in two months...

A patient Miss. G.K.R [PIN number:15147] came to the center for treatment of Urticaria. She was suffering from Urticaria from six to seven months, presenting with severe itching and wheals. She would get the wheals almost daily. She would occasionally also present with swelling on the lips and eyes. This would reduce only after she took antihistaminic medications. She required taking Tab Zyncet almost daily.

The wheals were triggered after taking chicken, spicy food and from dust mite.

Her case details were noted.

She was a very good looking, simple, mild and obedient girl. She was a sensitive girl and in friendship if the trust is broken then will never trust anyone again. Her father was a scientist. She was also very studious and hard working; she was very focused in her studies. She would argue with her father about philosophy, religion, and scientific things. Her mother was very protective and caring, her father was also very attached to her, but they would always argue, but in a healthy way. If her parents quarreled, then she would take her mothers side.

She liked chocolate and sour food.

She also had severe sweating on palms and soles which would leave behind stains.

She was lean. She was thermally a chilly patient.

Dr Shah examined her and prescribed Pulsatilla Nigricans 200 C and his research based remedies.

In eight weeks, she was completely relieved of Urticaria completely. The wheals, itching and the swelling on lips, eyes stopped. She could discontinue the allopathic medicines completely. She reported complete recovery in two months. Dr Shah continued her treatment for another two months and then he stopped her treatment.

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