Unstable Vitiligo recovered successfully with Dr. Shah’s medications.

Eleven years old, H. S. B. was residing in Mulund, Mumbai. She visited Life Force on 11th December 2010. She was accompanied by her parents. She was introduced to Dr. Shah through one of the old patient, Miss. G. B. who was successfully treated for acne under Dr. Shah.

H. S. B. came with the complaints of Vitiligo on right side of nose and around right nostril. She had halo naevi around which these spots had developed. The dermatologist had diagnosed it as unstable Vitiligo developing around naevi. The treatment recommended by the dermatologist was removal of naevi. She also had a dark pigmented birth mark behind the right ear. The spots had started to develop six months ago. She was applying cortisone on the white spots with no relief.

Her parents also worried about her health as she was not gaining weight as per her age and height. She had less appetite. She would not eat at all. She would visit the toilet 3 – 4 times a day.

She liked spicy and junk food like chips wafers etc.. Her water intake was average. She was sensitive to cold weather. She was lean and short as per her age. All her milestones were in time.

Her mother had suffered from excessive nausea and vomiting throughout pregnancy.

Her family consisted of parents and younger brother. Her father was into service in a company. Her mother was a home maker. Her younger brother was 10 years old. She was studying in sixth class.

She was an adamant and stubborn child. She was always irritable and angry on petty issues. Her parents used to be after her for having meals as she would take hours to eat and would eat very less. She would often argue with her parents regarding food. She would hit her younger brother in anger. She was extremely studious and punctual. She would always reach before time for any event. Her mother was submissive and easy going in nature, while her father was perfectionist and punctual.

Her paternal grandmother had underactive thyroid.

Her weight when checked was twenty six kilograms.

Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed Silicea 30c 2 doses along with few research based medicines.

She visited for her first follow up on 22nd January 2011. She had responded positively to the medicines. The right nostril spot had started to repigment. There was a new spot between the eyebrows. The appetite was still less. She had to visit toilet 3 – 4 times a day after meals. Her weight was constant at twenty six kilograms.

She visited on 25th March for second follow up. Her Vitiligo had improved around 40%. The spot on the right nostril had repigmented around 70%. The new spot between the eyebrows had started to recover. Her appetite as well weight was same. The frequent stool was also same. She was advised dietary changes and frequent meals.

She visited on 25th May for next follow up. There was further improvement around 70%. The right nostril spot had repigmented around 90%. The spot in between eyebrows also repigmented around 90%. The spot on the nose tip was still the same. The frequency of stool had reduced. The appetite and weight was same.

She visited on 25th July to report one new upcoming spot on her nose. All the old spots were further repigmenting. Dr. Shah reviewed the case and upgraded the medicines.

She visited again for the follow up on 28th October with further improvement in all the old spots. There was no new spot. Her appetite had improved mildly. Her weight was twenty eight kilograms now. The frequency of stools was also better.

She later could not continue with the medicines but referred many of her family members to Dr. Shah.

Her mother visited on 6th January 2014 to start the medicines for chronic Gastritis for H. S. B., when inquired regarding her Vitiligo, her mother happy said that all the spots had recovered completely.

She personally visited on 19th February 2014 to meet Dr. Shah and update us regarding her gastritis which was doing fine. She now weighed 33 kilograms.

Uploaded on 7th March 2014 by Dr. M. N. P.

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