Troublesome Urticaria in 50 years old School Teacher Treated within 3 Months!

Mrs R.R., fifty years old school teacher (PIN - 27101) visited Santacruz branch on twenty first august 2015 seeking relief in her uritcaria complaints. Since june 2015, she was in terrible shape due to the frequent episodes of urticaria every 2-3 days. The episodes would start with red rash followed by hives and severe itching. Inspite of the conventional antihistaminics, it would take about 30-60 minutes for the hives to settle. She was particularly allergic to peas and the hives would typically appear in the morning - postponing her daily routine.

She was also taking treatment at Lifeforce for her chronic eczema complaints. She was a known case of underactive thyroid and diabetes mellitus for which she was on conventional medicines.
She was a strict vegetarian who enjoyed fruits, highly seasoned food and was addicted to tea and sweets. Her daily water intake was on a lower side. She couldnot tolerate cold weather and had average perspiration mainly on the back. She didnot have any bowel complaints but faced urgency and dribbling of urine often. She had already menopaused at the age of 48 years. She had a healthy sleep regime and would wake up fresh.

The patient came from an upper middle class family. She had a moderately happy marriage of twenty eight years. Her spouse held an MD position in a big firm in Gujarat. The patient stayed in Mumbai with her daughter as both of them were holding jobs in Mumbai. Patient was an independant woman working as a Higher Secondary science teacher.

There was a strong family history of diabetes on her maternal side. Her mother was also suffering from underactive thyroid while she had lost a paternal aunt due to metastasis of  mammary cancer.
The patient had been under stress since marriage on account of strict and orthodox in- laws and non supportive husband. Inspite of being well educated she had sacrificed her career for the family’s happiness but was never appreciated for the same. She used to feel neglected by her husband. There was a constant feeling of being insulted as she was not considered as an important family member inspite of so many years of marriage. It was only in the last 2-3 years that she had managed to convince her husband to allow her to pursue her career. The constant stress of keeping everyone happy, earning respect in her husband’s eyes and getting included into the family had taken a toll on her.

On reviewing the case in detail Dr. Shah prescribed Lac caninum 200 along with research based medicines for urticaria. She was advised to avoid sour or citrus foods and moisturize her skin with aloe vera gel to control itching. She was allowed to take an antihistaminic in case of severe urticaria.

Mrs R.R. Visited santacruz branch for her first followup on second december 2015 along with her daughter. She was quite relieved to say that the complaints were about fifty percent better. The intensity of the urticaria hives had reduced markedly and she had not required conventional antihistaminics since mid november 2015. There had been only two to three episodes of severe hives which also settled by themselves in 30-45 minutes. The itching was quite manageable. She would get mild red rash daily which would settle in about 30 minutes by itself. Based on the improvement, Dr. Shah adjusted the doses and patient was asked to continue the diet restriction of citrus foods.

On thirteenth january 2016, Mrs. R.R. Visited santacruz branch with a confident smile on her face. She had not experienced any major hives in last one month. There was a mild rash which would come daily but would settle on its own within five minutes.  She was advised to start introducing citrus food and observe while maintainence course was prescribed for her by Dr. Shah.

Mrs. R.R. Came for her followup on seventeenth february 2016 and was glad to inform that there was no episode of urticaria hives inspite of taking citrus food and peas. Patient was happy that her mornings had become hasslefree. Her eczema complaints were also responding gradually to homoeopathic treatment while her thyroid and diabetes were well under control. She was advised to continue the treatment for eczema and take care that her thyroid hormone and blood sugar levels were maintained. She was highly grateful to Dr. Shah to relieve her of this troublesome complaint.

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