Trigeminal Neuralgia Completely Cured with Treatment at Life Force

Mrs. M.S (Patient identification number 12048) started with an online treatment at Life Force dated 20th April 2009. She mentioned that she was suffering from right sided trigeminal neuralgia since one year. There was an excruciating pain in her right eye with irritation with lachrymation on and off. She also complained of pricking pain at the back of the head, right ear, around the eyes and right side of the neck. She would get severe pain daily lasting for three to four days. She was taking T. Immecin, T. Zeptol 100 mg twice a day, T. Gabantin 300 mg once in a day and T. Rejunex once in a day since one year. Despite taking all the medicines, there was no reduction in frequency and intensity of pain.


Following investigations were done to confirm the diagnosis and rule out any other disorder;


CT Scan brain dated 13th June 2008 revealed a gliotic focus is seen involving the right putamen, anterior limb of the internal capsule, head of caudate nucleus with enlargement of the frontal horn of right lateral ventricle - sequalae of remote vascular insult. 


MR Angiogram dated 7th July 2008 revealed no acute infarct. The focal bright signal in right basal ganglia is most likely a chronic infarct. 


 X-ray paranasal sinuses dated 2nd April 2009 was normal


She had associated symptoms of neuritis since 1994 in right hand and right leg with loss of sensation in last three fingers to the wrist as well as in right foot ankle to the sole. 


Past History


She suffered from Jaundice in the year 1995.


Family history


Mother had tuberculosis of bone and paternal grandfather suffered from leprosy.


Physical generals


The patient had a good appetite and had a craving for spicy food. Her sleep was sound and thermally she was sensitive to cold weather.


Family set up and constitution


She lived in a nuclear family with her husband who was working in a pharmaceutical company in Mumbai. She explained her nature as emotional. She had stress related to illness.

She had a brooding tendency and would get irritated easily. 


Based on the patient’s totality Dr. Shah prescribed research-based medicines for trigeminal neuralgia. He gave the patient a hope to recovery along with a reduction in the dose and later stopping the conventional medicines for trigeminal neuralgia.  


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The patient visited for her first follow up on 9th July 2009. There was a significant relief in the neuralgia. She happily mentioned that there was a fifty percent relief in pain. The best thing to being noted in this follow-up was that she had stopped taking conventional medicines in the last two weeks as they were not giving any relief. The pain around the right eye, back of the head and right side of the neck also reduced in intensity. The patient also noted a new symptom after stopping conventional treatment. She experienced anxiety since fifteen days on and off during the day. Her sleep was disturbed with abundant dreams. She was well informed about the withdrawal effects of medicines which she was taking for trigeminal pain. Dr. Shah prescribed the same set of medicines, additionally, some medicines were also given to control anxiety. 


The patient called up for follow-up updated 14th October 2009. She mentioned a seventy-five percent reduction in the eye pain but continued with the anxiety and sleeplessness. There was no acute episode of trigeminal pain in past four months. Dr. Shah prescribed medicines accordingly. She was prescribed with Nux vomica 30 and sanguinaria 30 along with research-based medicines.


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The third follow-up dated 11th January 2010 was a stable one. The right eye pain was stable. The sleeplessness was getting less and infrequent after the last medicines. Her energy level was good did not have any new complaints. She was prescribed medicines for six months as she to go to her native place.


The patient reported Life Force clinic on 3rd August 2010 and mentioned about her stability in her condition in the past six months. She did not experience any major pain or discomfort despite the difficult weather conditions and routine change. She was quite comfortable during her vacation and did not need any pain killers as the pain was bearable. She thanked Dr. Shah for giving relief in pain and continued with a further set of medicines which were prescribed.


The patient visited Life Force clinic on 8th December 2010. There was no significant pain despite the severe cold and traveling which she had in past fifteen days. There was no major episode of trigeminal pain or no acute attack of pain as she used to experience earlier. There was no dependency on painkillers anymore. She was more than happy to tell Dr. Shah about her recovery and on request she also shared her experience through a written testimonial and a video.


Lichen Nitidus on Legs


Conclusion: Through this case, it can be concluded that homeopathy can be the first line of treatment when conventional treatment fails to give any positive results. Homeopathy is strongly recommended for trigeminal neuralgia. This is a difficult chronic disease with which the patient was suffering since one year. Patient’s faith and dedication to the treatment with regular follow-ups brought her to the path to complete recovery. 


- Case study was done by Dr. Kanchan Gohil, Associate Doctor to Dr. Shah


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