Trigeminal Neuralgia and Chronic Urticaria get completely cured simultaneously at Life Force Homeopathy

Mrs R.R.I., fifty two years old female visited Life Force Homeopathy for seeking treatment for her trigeminal neuralgia . Her patient identification number is 25480. 

She was suffering from pain on the left side of her face and upper lip. It was an electric shock like pain since three months. The intensity of the pain would fluctuate between mild to moderate and lasted for five to six hours after it begins. The pain occurred three to four times in a day. The patient was on tablet mazetol 200, one daily. She attributed this pain to dental procedures done multiple times in the past. The pain increased with touch and with talking, and got relived at night and with hot fomentation. 

Patient was also suffering from depression  since three to four years. There was continuous sadness of mood with lack of motivation and lethargy. She used to weep frequently without any reason. Symptoms were getting worse as a result of menopause and feeling of loneliness.

She was experiencing urticarial rashes  on her body since five years, arising twice to thrice in a month. The rashes were in a linear pattern, were settling down in fifteen minutes with antihistamines after their appearance. Urticaria was getting aggravated with non-vegetarian food, aerated drinks and at night time.

She was also suffering from occasional episodes of vertigo , once in six months. They were usually mild in intensity, except for one severe episode in last year. Vertigo used to get triggered with hunger and while traveling.

Her general history revealed that she had irregular eating habits with special liking for spicy food. She craved for non-veg food more with appetite for both veg as well as non-veg items. She disliked eating anything that was sour or sweet and eggs. She used to drink large quantity of water at frequent intervals. Temperature intolerance was toward heat. Her stools were satisfactory with occasional complaints of dribbling of urine after evacuation. She was menopausal since five years. In her obstestric history there was history of two miscarriages. Her first daughter was twenty six years old and second daughter was sixteen years old. Her sleep was sound with occasional dreams of robbers at home.

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Mrs R. R. I. was housewife. Her husband was staying in Gulf for service purpose. Her elder daughter was in US doing job and younger daughter was first year junior college student. She had spent a happy and well supported childhood and stressful adolescent years. There was no marital harmony with problems in relationship between husband and wife. She was anxious by nature with fear for various things. She would get palpitations with fright.

Based on above case details Dr Shah prescribed his advanced research based homeopathic medicines.

After six weeks (6th June 2015) patient visited for the follow up in the clinic. She reported fifty percent relief in the symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia. The electric shock-like pain was much better with decrease in the frequency of occurrence of the pain. The intensity of the pain was very much reduced. There was no change in her urticaria. She had taken anti-histamines for ten days after consulting a dermatologist. She was advised to start treatment for urticaria separately in addition to existing treatment of trigeminal neuralgia. She was prescribed medicines accordingly.

Patient gave her follow up on 29th August 2015. There was history of transient increase in symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia in previous month. Currently the pain was in reduced state. The dose of allopathic medicine had been decrease from 200mg to 100 mg. The intensity and frequency of pain was less than before.

Urticaria had increased. She had to start with steroid creams for the same. There was increase in the area of rashes on the body. Dr Shah prescribed Natrum Muriaticum 30c, Urtica Urens 30c, Apis Melifica 30c an research based medicines.

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Mrs. R. R. I. gave her next follow up on 20th October 2015. Her urticaria was better by more than fifty percent. She had not consumed any anti-histamines or applied any steroid creams in last two months. Trigeminal neuralgia was better by eighty percent. The intensity and frequency of pain had reduced remarkably. She was prescribed Natrum Muriaticum 200c and new research based medicines.

The next follow up was given by the patient on 2nd March 2016. Trigeminal neuralgia continued to stay better. She was taking allopathic medicine on alternate days. The electric shock-like pain was much reduced in intensity. The pain was of very mild intensity occurring occasionally. Her urticaria was completely better. There was no rash or any itching on the body. R Shah continued with the same medicines.

Patient visited clinic for her follow on 18th April 2016. She reported complete absence of pain related of trigeminal neuralgia. She did not suffer from any episodes of electric shock-like pain in last one month. She had stopped taking allopathic medicines. Urticaria was also hundred percent better. No rashes or redness or itching anywhere on body in last one month.

Patient has stopped the treatment and she continues to be in state of hundred percent recovery.

The case highlights efficacy of homeopathy in treatment of two unrelated diseases. Homeopathy  treats two non-connected diseases simultaneously as effectively as the single disease at a time. The action of homeopathic medicines is very deep seated that brings order in disordered immune system. Thus help in giving long term benefits in the treatment of chronic autoimmune diseases.

Dr Mrudula, Life Force Homeopathy

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