Tremendous Recovery From Vitiligo Found With Online Consultation At Life Force

A 39-year-old male patient, Mr. V.P. (PIN: 42402) contacted Life Force Homeopathy’s clinic on 21st January 2020 for the treatment of his problem of white patches on the neck, back, hands, and legs. It had started with the development of a patch as big as 4 cms on his legs. Later, he started to notice multiple small white spots and lines on his hands, back, and a big spot on his neck. His condition had been diagnosed as Vitiligo by a local dermatologist. The patient had started with the conventional medicines, but the spots kept on appearing which made him reach out to us for homeopathic treatment.


As he was staying at Bharuch and could not visit our clinic, he contacted us through our website. Our associate doctor contacted him over the phone and explained the procedure for starting the treatment. A detailed case taking was done over the phone. During the case taking, he also stated that though he did not have any stress and enjoyed his work, he was experiencing a lot of anxiety and negative thoughts related to his vitiligo.


Due to the stress, he was also suffering from occasional episodes of headache for which he was taking conventional medicines.


He had suffered from eczema in the past. His mother had cancer, and his father had high blood pressure


The patient also stated that he was fond of sweets, meat, eggs, and fish and had an aversion to salty and spicy foods. Besides this, his appetite, thirst, sleep, and motions all were normal. The patient preferred a moderate climate.


After studying and analyzing the case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed a research-based homeopathic medicine for his vitiligo for 2 months. An associate doctor counseled him for his anxiety discomfort and gave diet and skincare tips for vitiligo.




At the first follow-up on 13th March 2020, the patient shared his photos and feedback. The patches on his neck and leg were almost better by 60%. Their size had reduced considerably. But, he also noticed a few new spots coming up. Although he was happy with the rapid improvement he experienced, the patient was worried about the appearance of new spots. The associate doctor counseled him about the autoimmune nature of vitiligo and that it was expected that a few new spots would come up despite the treatment and improvement. He need not worry about it as long as the old patches were healing and the new ones were not developing up rapidly.


At the second follow-up on 5th May 2020, the patient’s recovery from vitiligo was further better. Some patches were filling up from the borders, whereas other spots developed pigmentation in the center. Also, some of the spots appeared duller as compared to their appearance in the previous follow-up.


At the third follow-up on 6th July 2020, the patient reported a 90% recovery from the big patches. The spread and appearance of new patches were quite slow now.


On 22nd December 2020, the patient had experienced an overall 80% re-pigmentation in his patches. Also, the formation of new patches had stopped.


On 2nd April 2021, the patient had again developed small new spots on his knee and scalp. Dr. Shah revised his prescription.


At the follow-up on 17th June 2021, the patient said that his vitiligo had become stable and recovery was improving. He did not notice any new patch.


The patient is continuing his treatment, and he has been advised to continue it for some more time after the patches heal completely.



This case study illustrates that homeopathy is highly effective in promoting recovery from vitiligo incredibly and safely without any side effects. It also highlights:


  1. Online homeopathic treatment is equally effective as a face-to-face consultation. The patient needs to share his feedback and photos regularly for monitoring his progress.


  1. As vitiligo is an autoimmune condition, there are chances of the development of new vitiligo patches during the treatment, if there are any factors that may alter the immunity such as stress, excess physical or mental exertion, frequent out of station travel, a lack of sleep, ill health, surgery, etc. But, as long as the healing of the old patches is improving, one need not worry about the new ones. They too will heal with the medicines.


  • Written by Dr. Yafta S. Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah



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