This case demonstrates how Homeopathy has become the mainstay of treatment of Lichen Planus for him

An executive director of an ad company found substantial recovery in Lichen Planus with Dr. Shah’s medicines.

Forty-two years old, Mr. J. G. was residing in Mumbai for six years and was working in a renowned advertising company as a Chief Executive Officer. He had suffered from malaria and gastroenteritis five months back. He had taken conventional medicines for its recovery. After the malaria fever, he started to develop few skin eruptions which were itchy and spreading. He visited a skin specialist who diagnosed it as Lichen Planus and prescribed steroids. The patient did not want to take steroids and so he opted for homeopathy.

He visited Life Force on 23rd December 2009. He had few scattered spots of lichen planus on the left arm and ankles. Few of the spots were healing and inactive. There was mild itching in these spots. He had not taken any treatment.
He had a history of childhood asthma. He would get occasional sneezes and runny nose once in six weeks.

His appetite was average with no particular liking. He disliked paneer. He had a habit of a smoking cigarette; he would smoke five to six cigarette's in a day. He would occasionally drink alcohol, twice a week. His water intake was less. He was sensitive to a draft of air and cold weather.

This was a nuclear family. His wife was a COO in a media company. He had a thirteen years old daughter who was studying. He was staying in Mumbai for six years. He had a transferable job.

He was calm and reserved as a person. He did not share much of his stress with anybody. He had few friends. He liked playing cricket, football and traveling. He had fear of snakes.

He had been affected by Malaria in the past also. He had been operated for cancerous noninvasive tumor in 2001.

His mother was diabetic and maternal grandmother had leucoderma.

Dr. Shah prescribed him few research-based medicines.

He gave an online feedback on 23rd January 2010. He had experienced slow healing in the form of drying and flattening of the existing old spots. Two weeks back there was a rapid increase in the appearance of new spots. There were several minute new spots appearing on both the arms and abdomen. There was itching in these spots. Dr. Shah prescribed and sent a month’s medicines to be taken along with the previous medicines.

He gave another feedback on 27th February 2010 with no improvement. It had further spread on the legs and feet. He was apprehensive of it spreading on his genitals or oral cavity. Dr. Shah reviewed his case and gave an upgraded prescription.

He called on 14th April 2010 for feedback. Since three weeks the spread had come under control and healing had started to occur. The itching was less. There were no new spots in past three weeks. He was prescribed medicines for two and a half months by Dr. Shah.

He had recovered completely by June 2010.

He contacted us again in September 2011. There was a mild relapse in the skin Lichen Planus. Few new spots had appeared. Dr. Shah prescribed him medicines for two months.

He visited Life Force on 27th March 2014. His skin Lichen Planus had completely recovered. He was having mild burning pain in the mouth while eating spicy food. He had visited a dentist yesterday who diagnosed it as oral lichen planus. He also complained of the frequent cold, once in a month. He would get throat irritation, sneezing, running nose, cough, and headache. He would take antibiotics to recover from this.

He started the treatment for frequent cold and mild oral lichen planus.

This patient is under our care for the last six years. Whenever he gets mild relapse in his lichen planus, he visits us and gets treated. He is always confident of recovery. This case demonstrates how Homeopathy has become the mainstay of treatment of Lichen Planus for him.

Several patients trust Life Force for their chronic complaints. After concluding the treatment also, their medical records are kept in a proper order. Whenever they get a mild relapse; even after several years, they find it easy to approach and get the same effective treatment.

Uploaded on 27th March 2014 by Dr. M. N. P.

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