Thanks to Life Force; I can have cold food again!

A young twenty-seven-year-old software engineer Mr. S.T. (Patient Identification No: 13190), visited Life Force on 16th January 2010; for the treatment of hair fall and frequent colds.

He presented with suffering from hair fall since six months. But, his hair fall had increased from last two months. He would have around 100 strands of hair fall per day. His hair line was receding. He would have dandruff on his scalp. He thought work pressure and improper diet may be the probable cause for his hair fall complaints. He was on homeopathy treatment since six months, but there was no improvement with that rather his hair fall had increased even with homeopathic treatment.

He also suffered from frequent colds since childhood. He would have an episode of cold every 10-15 days lasting for about six days. He would have sneezing as many as forty at a time, nose blockage and white discharge from the nose during every cold episode. He would occasionally have cough with phlegm. He would get cold episode with every change of season, cold drinks and outside food. He would take conventional medicines which would temporary control his cold episode. 

He wanted a good control and long lasting cure for his hair fall and frequent cold complaints. He was aware that homeopathy treats the root cause of the disease and had complete faith in homeopathic treatment. He was then introduced to Life Force, by his relative who have had an excellent experience with the research based treatment from Life Force.

He was a non-vegetarian by diet with average appetite. He would like spicy and sweet food and disliked vegetables. He would occasionally consume alcohol. He would have profuse perspiration on the forehead, face, back and neck. He was sensitive to hot climate. His thirst, bowel movements and urination were normal. He would often have interrupted sleep due to his complaints. 

He was working with an American Bank. His father was a general practitioner doctor and his mother was a housewife. He had one younger brother. 

He was a confident, expressive and friendly person. He was hard working man who would like to take challenges. He was emotional but straight forward at the same time. He would have fear of reptiles.

He had suffered from mumps and chicken pox in the childhood. His father had hypercholestremia and his paternal grandfather suffered from cancer. 

His case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah. He prescribed him Phosphorous 200 along with research based medicines for hair fall and frequent colds.

He visited for his first follow-up on 3rd April 2010. He reported of significant improvement in his hair fall and frequent cold complaints. He would tolerate cold drinks now and would have no sneezing complaints while traveling. Some changes were made in the prescription by Dr. Shah and revised medicines for two months were given to him.

He was satisfied with the relief and he discontinued the treatment.

After a gap of four years, he again visited us on 13th September 2014. He reported of experiencing hair fall complaints again since six months. He mentioned that his job stress could be the reason for the restart of hair fall. He said that his hair fall was completely better after four months of treatment from Life Force. He was glad to report that his frequent colds also got completely better. He could easily tolerate cold drinks and would never suffer from sneezing problems on traveling. His case was reviewed and his treatment for hair fall was restarted under Dr. Shah.

He was extremely happy to share his homeopathic treatment experience through a written testimonial. He even introduced Life Force to his wife for the treatment for hair fall and tonsillitis and was open to recommend Life Force to all the people suffering from recurring and chronic complaints; as having benefited with the positive results of homeopathy without any side effects.

(Case study prepared by Dr. K.M)

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