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M. V. Gandhi, India

My daughter had been suffering from frequent cold 7 coughs and had stomach problem too. But after visiting Dr. Shah and following his course of Medicine. I have noticed great improvement on my daughter’s health. There has not been any complain of burning nose or throat problem which used to occur almost once a month or no gas problem her overall immunity also improved, all credit goes to Dr. Shah. I have full faith in his medicine. 

D. B., US

D. B., US, Pin no. 19396. I was suffering from frequent colds and allergic tendency; I would have continuous running nose and sneezing. I used to be very exhausted and sleepy for long hours, it was probably due to the side effects of the Anti allergic medications which I was taking for the last many years. After starting the treatment, the frequency of my cold has reduced a lot, last 3 months has gone without cold and sneezing. I had only one attack that was also very mild. The medicines have worked very well for my cold and allergies.

S. D., India

I come to know about Dr. Shah from internet when I was browsing searching for medicine for my mother's Psoriasis. My mother illness is excellently treated and her psoriasis reduced a lot. There after I took medicine from Dr. Shah for my consistent cough and cold allergic cold and it worked wonders. I did not fall ill till almost two years after taking his medicines not only my regular cold, fever has vanished but in general I felt healthy and energetic. My daily life problem reduced. Excellent Treatment.

S. U. U, India

I (Pin no. L-15736) was suffering from frequent colds and sinusitis. I have responded pretty well to the treatment. I did not have frequent sinusitis and even the symptoms like sneezing, stuffy nose, itching in the ears and the inner nasal area just above the pallet and post nasal drips were much less compared to before within 2 months of starting the treatment. I would say that definitely there is a lot of improvement. The medicines helped in boosting my immunity and my dependence on ant-histamines and antibiotics has also reduced a lot. Thank you for saving my tonsillitis in first place, and now helping me with my allergic Sinus problems

S. S, India

17394, Since 10 years I was suffering from sinusitis and headache. I was very much frustrated with the complaints. This would get triggered by taking a head bath or by exposure to extreme sunlight. The headache was so severe that it affected my personal life. Within 2 months of starting the treatment the headache has reduced by 50 - 60%. I feel much better then before. The intensity of the headache is less and I can go out in sunlight without getting much worried about having a headache. God bless Dr Shah!

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