Small girl from USA with vitiligo spots on eyelids and under right arm pit recovered with Dr Shah’s treatment

A mother of three and a half years old, playful child S. M. availed online treatment of Dr. Shah on 22nd November 2009 from the United States. The child was suffering from Vitiligo since April 2009. They had been taking local homeopathic medicines since July 2009, but did not get the expected results. The parents were worried for her. They found out about Dr. Shah while researching on the internet and decided to start the treatment. She had the spots on both her eye lids like eye shadow and one spot under her right arm pit. It had first appeared under the right arm pit and it was increasing in size. Then a few spots appeared on the left eye lid and right eye lid. The left eye lid spot was spreading towards the side of the eyes. They recollected a cough syrup and antibiotic being given to her in April 2009 after which these spots started appearing. Last month too a cough syrup was given and then the spot started spreading.

Her appetite was normal. She loved eating fruits, sweets and ice creams. She was more tolerant to cold temperature. All her growth milestones were on time and she was properly vaccinated.

The child was playful and had normal and healthy relations with all the family members. The mother was a home maker and her father had a job. All her relatives stayed nearby and shared cordial relations with each other.

Initially the child was unaware and care free regarding her white spots, but recently she had started to understand that there is something different on her eye lids and would allow her mother to apply concealors on them. She had always been a playful and active child.

Her paternal grandmother suffered from diabetes.

Dr. Shah studied her case and prescribed a research based medicine for 4 months.

Her mother sent a online feedback on 5th May 2010. The spots on her eye lids had started to re-pigment but there were new spots appearing on her hands and legs. The new spots would at times appear dull. Her prescription was upgraded by Dr. Shah.

Her mother reported in September 2010 with overall 5% improvement in all the spots. The 2 – 3 small spots on her ankles had re-pigmented. The spots on the left eye lid was stable and the spot on the right eye lid had spread mildly. The brightness would fluctuate.

Her grandmother reported in March 2011 with no further spread in the spots, except for a few new spots on the right shoulder since the last few weeks. The spots around her eyes and elsewhere were stable. Her case was reviewed and few changes were made in the prescription by Dr. Shah.

Her mother reported in June 2011 with no further spread in her old and new spots. The vitiligo had become stable.

They gave a online feedback in November 2011 with around 40% improvement in her feet spots. The spots around her eyes were stable. She was prescribed Calcarea Silicata 30c along with research based medicines by Dr. Shah.

She reported with amazing response in February 2012 with around 85% improvement in her feet spots. The spots around her eyes were also recovering significantly. There was no spread or new spot.

Her mother reported in May 2012 with neither further deterioration nor improvement in her daughter’s case. She had started with Eczema eruption which would heal and leave a white spot. There was couple of new spots due to this. The medicines were added for Eczema along with Vitiligo by Dr. Shah.

Her mother reported in February 2013 with further improvement in her eye spots. The other spots were stable. She would apply some cream on her dry eczema patches occasionally which would heal by white spot. Dr. Shah upgraded her prescription.

She personally visited Life Force along with her parents for Dr. Shah's consultation on 12th December 2013. The spots on her eye lids were recovered by around 90%. The other spots on the right arm pit and shoulder were stable. The spots on her feet were fluctuating in brightness and size. The Eczema was completely better since a month.

She has been continuing with the medicines for further recovery.

Uploaded on 10th March 2014 by Dr. M. N. P.

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