Significant recovery achieved in oral Lichen Planus with Dr. Shah’s medicines.

64 years old Mrs. H. B. P. visited Life Force on 2nd October 2012. She was an Indian staying in the UK for 40 years. Her patient identification number is 21224. She was accompanied by her husband. They had come to meet few relatives in Gujarat and stay for a few months in India. She was suffering from Oral Lichen Planus since 2010. She had taken cortisone gargles and Protopic application in the past for few months in the UK. Her complaints were relieved temporarily with them. She had burning while eating spicy food. On examination, there were white lacy streaks on both cheeks and tongue and redness on gums and upper palate. She had a history of skin Lichen Planus on the back which was treated with cortisone. At present, there were no skin complaints. She had done a biopsy of oral lesions which confirmed it to be Lichen Planus. She was advised to start with oral cortisone which she denied and instead opted for homeopathic treatment.

She would generally have raised blood pressure for which no active treatment was taken. She had Osteoarthritis changes in both the knee joints. She had more pain in left knee as compared to the right. She was not taking any treatment for it.

She also had Asthma which was under control with inhalers. She did not require any inhalers for 3 years. Her father and elder brother also had Asthma.

She was vegetarian on diet an average appetite. She liked sweets. She disliked salty food. Her thirst was average. She could tolerate both the extremes of temperature. She had her menopause 10 – 12 years ago. Her sleep was sound.

She had 3 daughters and a son. She was staying in a joint family with a son, daughter in law and 2 grandsons. His husband had retired from business. Her son was into jewelry business.

She was apprehensive by nature. She would constantly worry to make things happen on time.

Her case details were studied and Dr. Shah prescribed her few research-based medicines. She was advised to start with Calcium and Vitamin D supplements as per her age.

She called up for her first follow up on 23rd November 2012 as she was in India. Her complaints were stable. There was neither an increase nor decrease in her symptoms. The burning due to spicy food had decreased mildly. There were no new spots. Her case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded by Dr. Shah.

She visited on 12th January 2013 before flying back to the UK. The lesions had increased on left cheek. They were hurting and painful. It had also come on lips and upper gums were very red. The right cheek was better. Her case was reviewed and necessary changes were made in the prescription by Dr. Shah.

She reported on 20th May with considerable improvement. She was feeling much better though new spots would appear and recover. The burning while eating spicy food was persistent.

She personally visited on 21st November for follow up. She was finding improvement up to 50%. The burning and pain had reduced by 70%. The left cheek, right cheek, gums, upper palate, and tongue were better by 50%. She would occasionally get ulcers from eating spicy food. She was happy with the improvement so far.

She is continuing with the treatment and confident of achieving complete recovery.

uploaded on 20 January 2014, by Dr. M. N. P.

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