She was very happy with the prompt and absolute recovery with homeopathy for lichen planus

A distressed 38 years old Mrs. V. I (Patient Identification Number - 19479) availed our online treatment for Lichen Planus from Australia on 6th August 2011.

She had noticed lichen planus last year on her wrist and now it had been gradually spreading since the last 6 months. She had taken some pain killer drugs for back pain which had aggravated her Lichen Planus. She had developed a few oral lesions as well. The skin lesions were intensely itchy, especially at night. After a few courses of antibiotics, it had started spreading rapidly. Her whole body was affected by minute and mild active spots. She had taken some herbal and Chinese medicines for some time, but it did not seem to help much.

There were no other associated complaints.

Her appetite was average with a strong liking for sweets. She would not sweat much but would feel thirsty often. She was more tolerant of warm weather. Sleep was sound with dreams of falling from height recurrently.

She was of Indian origin, staying in Sydney with her husband and 2 daughters. Both their immediate family were in India. She was working as an administrative coordinator in an educational institute. Her job would be hectic and stressful at times. They had many friends. For the last year, some job issues, as well as some misunderstanding between friends, had been stressful for her. She had to manage home, kids and was working full time. Initially, she would not find her husband supportive, though her husband was kind-hearted and understanding.

She described herself as a ‘perfectionist’. She used to strive for getting the best of everything. Her skin condition would make her feel sad and depressed. She would feel deeply hurt if someone ill-treated her. Though she would not disclose it to the person causing the hurt, she would discuss it with her husband.

Her father was having high blood pressure and the mother was suffering from Lichen Planus and diabetes.

Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed Kali Iodatum 30c and research-based medicines.

On 18th November 2011 – after 4 months of medication she experienced a 25% improvement. Her oral lesions were better by 50%. The itching had become occasional. New eruptions kept on appearing and the old lesion was healing. There were only a few active lesions.

On 5th April 2012 – after another 4 months medication – she reported with complete recovery of oral lesions. The skin was better by 85%. There was no itching. There were only hyperpigmented marks remaining, no active lesions.

She was very happy with the prompt and absolute recovery with homeopathy.

Case study by Dr. M. N. P

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