Severe eczema on feet for 8 years got cured with homeopathy within one year..

A patient Miss M.A. aged 23 years, reported to the center for treatment of her severe eczema.
She was suffering from severe eczema on both her feet from the last eight years.

She had taken several treatments from eminent dermatologists and Homeopaths.
But nothing relieved her. The eczema was spreading progressively.

The skin on both feet was severely inflamed, reddish, oozing, there were scratch marks all over, eventually leading to bleeding.

She had severe and uncontrolled itching. The itching was more severe towards the evening and night.

The itching would increase after eating non veg. food, pork, sea food.

She was thermally intolerant to heat, she had a marked craving for sweets.

She was tall, good looking and slim, she was the youngest of four sisters.
She was reserved. She was very hard working and sincere; she did not have any stress in her job. Her father was a business man. Her mother was a home maker. Her elder sister was working as an air hostess. The elder sister was very beautiful and active. They did not get along with each other. She felt that her elder sister is selfish and partial. So she does not like to talk with her.
Her mother said that she had a glimpse of jealously.
She did not like being dominated; she would give back answers to her parents.
Her father was lenient, but mother was restrictive.

If she would get angry on some one in her family, she would not talk for eight to ten days. They understood, they would leave her alone.
She had a complaint of headaches after going in the sun.
She would get irritated before her menses.

She liked to wear good and expensive clothes. She spent more than her other sisters. Her mother said that she likes to show off.

Dr Shah further interviewed her and examined her. He prescribed Lachesis 30 C for her.
For the first three months there was very mild relief.

Then Dr Shah reviewed her case and made suitable changes in the medicines.

Gradually her skin redness reduced and the itching subsided.
The swelling on her skin subsided.

In one year, there was 50 % reduction in her eczema.

By two years, her eczema has cured completely.

She did have a mild flare up on and off and we had to make appropriate changes in her treatment. Generally it was observed that she showed flare ups after eating non veg food and after stress and change in weather.

The eczema would flare up for two to three weeks and then subside.

Dr Shah asked them to continue the treatment for another one year.

In the last year of treatment, the eczema did not flare up and she remained well.
Finally Dr Shah stopped her treatment.

Her family members are under our care and she does accompany them, so we have an opportunity to follow her up.

It has been two years that she has stopped the treatment, but her feet are absolutely normal.

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