Severe Chronic Urticaria since puberty finally gets treated at Lifeforce clinic

Thirty three years old Mr S.K.(Patient Identification No.26131)visited at Lifeforce Vashi clinic for the complainant of Urticaria on 6TH July 2015.He would get severe painful hives on almost all the parts of the body like face,Ears, thighs, back,hips, hands and neck.Pt mentioned during case taking that he started suffering with the urticaria right since puberty and thus he was suffering with it for nearly 15 years.He would get these episodes around four to five times in a month.Rashes would appear sporadically on some of the above mentioned body parts, at a time .He would experience intense burning and itching along with these rashes.Also he would develop swelling in fingers, palms and toes during episodes of urticaria.Thus there was evidence of Angioedema i.e development of swelling in some of the body parts especially fingers, face, and eyes in this case. A clinical sign called as Dermatographism i.e development of linear lines when body surface is rubbed against hard surface or on scratching was absent in this particular case.He would find relief after bathing with cold water.Episodes of urticaria would be aggravated during winters and after having fish.there was strong genetic link in this case as patient’s mother also suffered with the urticaria.During his first visit patient mentioned that he was taking tablet Allegra 120 mg during episode for seven to eight months.He had also taken corticosteroid tablets and injections as part of a treatment that he was taking from Dertmatologist.
Along with the Urticaria he also suffered with Acidity and hair fall & stress headaches..

In the past he had suffered with left sided renal stone and oral mucoid cyst which he got removed  surgically.

His father had Motor neuron disease .His mother had a suffered with cancer of stomach, cancer of breast and with urticaria.
He would take both vegetarian as well as non vegetarian food.His appetite and thirst were adequate.In food he exhibited special liking for various tyepes non vegetarian food like eggs, chicken, meat, fish etc. He would also like sour food to some extent.He would get moderate perspiration and was ambithermal in context of cold and heat tolerance.He didn’t faced any complaints related to bowel habits and urination.

Physical constitution : He had average built bordering slightly on obese side with average height & fair complexion

He was Customer service Executive working with one of the good companies. He had a nuclear family which consisted of only his wife and a 2 years old son.His wife was a homemaker. Apart from this other members in his family were his brother two sisters.He mentioned that his parents passed away some years back.He shared good relationship with all the family members but would feel lonely sometimes as he didn’t share very strong bond with his siblings.Childhood & early young years of his life were stressful due to financial crunch,his father being the only earning member in the family. But now he was quite well settled in his life.He exhibited angry temperament and would shout in anger.As apart of his nature he had tendency to get stressed out easily and he would sometimes stress out due to home loan.He would also feel stressful as he was not very close to his siblings.He had good sense of responsibility towards family.

Dr Shah Studied his case and prescribed him a research based medicine and Urtica Urens 30.

Patient then gave his first Follow up after 1 month via online progress report.He mentioned that he didn’t find any improvement with the first batch of medicine. He also had to take allopathic antihistamine tablet Tab Xyzal for 4-5 times in a month. Hence Dr Shah restudied his case and rectified the prescription.

Patient then continued with the second batch of med and he gave 2nd follow up on 08th October 2015 via online progress report.In online progress report he acknowledged to have achieved 30-40% relief in complaints of urticaria. Frequency of urticarial rashes had reduced down to once or twice/week.And need for allopathic antihistamine medicines had also reduced much.

Pt visited at Vashi branch for his 3rd Follow up on 3rd February 2016.During this follow up he reported to have achieved 95% relief in all the symptoms related to urticaria.All the symptoms pertaining to urticaria like painful hives, itching, burning, angioedema, dermatographism was now much better with the treatment.By now he had himself stopped taking antihistamine tablets completely.Even complaints of stress headaches was almost completely better.He still continued to have complaints hair fall and acidity in milder forms.During 3rd follow up he was very much thankful to Dr Shah and entire team of Lifeforce for relieving him off 15 year’s long standing complaints of urticaria.

He then decided to stop with the treatment as he was completely better with the homoeopathic treatment at Lifeforce clinic.

This case is a very good example which shows that homoeopathy has prominent role in relieving chronic cases of Urticaria. Also we can see how homoepathy can completely eliminate the need for antihistamine medication for recurrent urticaria episodes.

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