Severe case of Lichen Planus along with Tinea Corporis showed complete recovery in 8 months of homeopathic treatment.

Mrs. P.D.T (Patient Identification Number 17495) visited Life Force on 13th November 2011 for the complaint of Lichen Planus. She was suffering since last one year. She had hyperpigmented, thick spots of LP, mostly on her hands, legs and abdomen. Itching was severe. She had applied Propysalic cream on the affected area for 4-5 months.

She was not on any medication since a month. Her complaints would aggravate in cold weather and at night.

She was also suffering from Tinea Corporis. Since 1.5-2 months. There were red, circular lesions of Tinea Corporis on her axilla, chest, back, and arms. Itching was there which would get worse at night. She was on homeopathic medicines for her Tinea Corporis since one month, but there was no improvement in her condition.

Her case was taken in detail. She was vegetarian, with average appetite. She was fond of sweets and sour food. Thirst, bowel habits and perspiration were normal. She would feel more comfortable in warm weather. Sleep was sound and refreshing.

Mrs. P.D.T was a house wife, staying with her son. Her husband had expired almost 8-10 years back. She was very strong emotionally. She did not like to share her problems with others. She was disciplined and fastidious. She would like to keep her house neat and clean. She was anxious by nature. She would feel anxious, if the things are not done on time. She was worried about her skin condition and wanted to get rid of it at the earliest.

Her case history was studied and constitutional medicine along with patented medicines were prescribed.

In the first month of treatment, she experienced increase in her Tinea Corporis. Itching and redness had increased. Lichen Planus was same. She was very anxious about the increase.

Her case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded. On 11th January 2012, she reported 10-120% improvement in her Tinea Corporis and Lichen Planus. Itching had reduced by 10-20%. Redness was reduced. Hyperpigmented marks of Lichen Planus had started fading. As per the feedback, further course of medicines was prescribed.

On 5th March 2012, there was 40-50% improvement. Redness was reduced. Intensity and frequency of itching was reduced. Hyperpigmented marks were still there which would itch occasionally. On 3rd May 2012, there was 60% improvement. Hyperpigmented marks were reduced. She was satisfied with the treatment. She had been advised to continue the treatment for complete recovery.

BY 19th June 2012, she was 90-95% recovered. Itching and redness were reduced. Hyperpigmented spots were 90% faded. Circular lesions of Tinea Corporis were completely healed. She was very happy to get rid of her chronic skin diseases. Major stress in her life was relieved with homeopathic treatment

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