Seven year old complaint of Eczema finds complete relief in just one year

Mst M.S.B, a 16 year old student residing in Khar (PIN No- 22504), visited  Life Force clinic with the complaint of Dry Eczema . Eczema, also known as Dermatitis, is an inflammation of the skin. Mst M.S.B had patches over thighs and legs with intense itching, redness and scaling. There was no pus or bleeding from the patches. He had this complaint since seven years, it used to get better after winter, but this time the complaints continued. He had used some steroidal cream for few days in the starting, after that he only applied moisturizer over the patches for dryness and soothing effect. He also had complaint of frequent cough which got aggravated by intake of food color. There was no fever or cold. He did not face any major diseases in his past. 

Mst M.S.B’s Father had Psoriasis  and Mother was suffering from Asthma .

He was a non-vegetarian with craving for sweets, he did not like having eggs and vegetables. He had excessive thirst with profuse sweating specially over face and forehead. He was chilly and had no complaints with stool and urine. His parents were divorced and he stayed with his mother, elder sister and Grandparents.

Mst M.S.B was a very caring kid who had a lot of friends and used to get along well with everyone. He got angry if things do not go according to his will. He was a naughty kid and got a lot of scolding from his father in the childhood, he hated his father.

Dr Shah studied his case and prescribed his research based medicines for 4 weeks.

The patient gave his first follow up on 24th April 2014 and reported no relief, but there was no aggravation as well. Same medicines were continued for another month.
A month later on 24th may 2014 patient reported that the itching and redness had reduced by 25%, there was no spread in the patches. According to this update Dr Shah prescribed the next batch of medicines.

On 7th July patient reported that the itching and redness had reduced to 75%, there were no marked patches but pigmentation was visible. 

On 21st August 2014, patient had further improved and there was mild itching with little roughness on the affected part.

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In the next follow up on 14th October 2014, there were 2-3 new spots over thigh with itching. Medicines were changed and accordingly the next batch was sent.


Over the next follow up on 24th November2014, patient was still having dryness and itching with 1 new spot over ankle. Dr Shah reviewed the case and prescribed the medicines.

On 20th January 2015 patient gave a feedback that his complaints were 70-80% better, with no new patches. The itching, redness and dryness had also reduced a lot.
On 10th March 2015 there was further improvement in his condition.

On 27th April 2015 there were no patches and no symptoms. Only pigmentation was seen over the area. Treatment was continued to check any recurrence.

Over the next follow ups on 6th June, 24th July, 9th September, 10th October and 16th December 2015 the patient remained asymptomatic, with no symptoms at all. 
Patient’s mother called up and asked not to send any further medicines as there is no need now.

Complaints like Eczema can only find a complete and proper relief with homeopathy;  other modes can only give a temporary relief by suppressing the disease.

-Dr. Megha Jain

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