Role Of Homeopathy In Cases Of Lichen Planus

Thirty-four years old patient named Ms. N.A (Patient Identification Number: 24961) visited Life Force on 26th February 2015 with a complaint of Lichen Planus.

The patient had complained of Lichen Planus since four months. She had patches on both hand, legs, back, and abdomen. She was getting severe itching and burning in the spots. There was hyperpigmentation in the affected areas. She was taking allopathic treatment, mainly corticosteroids,for the same but it was not getting better. She had also taken homeopathic treatment for one month but then she left it as it did not give her any relief.

She had an excessive appetite. She loved spicy food, chocolate, and eggs. She had a strong dislike for sweets. She had profuse perspiration on the body. Her urine and stool were asymptomatic. She had a regular menstrual cycle. She had sound sleep and she preferred to sleep on her back.

She was a house maker by profession. Her husband was an accounts manager for the media company. She had three kids who were studying in school.

She was very mild and gentle by nature. She had reserved kind of nature. She was not able to mix quickly with other people. She had calm nature. She would hardly get angry on someone. 
Her father had a history of tuberculosis and cardiopathy. Her mother had complaints of cervical spondylosis. Her sister also had tuberculosis in past. His brother had a history of cancer. 
She did not have any major illnesses in past.

With all these case details, her case was studied by Dr. Shah and she was prescribed medicine sepia and some research-based medicines.

On 9th April 2015, the patient reported that she was the same. There was no change in her complaints since medicines started. Her spots were the same. Itching and burning was as it is. There was no increase or decrease in her complaints. She developed complaint of pain in right heel since few days. She was very confused with the treatment as there was no change. She was councelled by Dr.Shah and she was explained the nature of disease. She was also told that homeopathic medicines are slow to act so it will take sometime to get better. With all this feedback, Dr.Shah prescribed her new set of medicines for two months.

On 18th June 2015, patient visited clinic. She informed that her complaints were increased. All her symptoms got aggravated since two months. New spots came up on hands and legs. Itching and burning was almost double. On taking detail history, we came to know that there was some major family stress present in her life. This stress was causing increase in her complaints.

She was explained that her stress is the factor which is not allowing her to get better. She was advised to reduce stress levels as soon as possible. She had other associate problem like heel pain, which was better as compared to last time. She developed complaint of hair fall and acne also since few days. With all this history, she was prescribed some strong medicines by Dr.Shah

On 26th August 2015, patient reported that she was feeling seventy percent better. Her old spots had stopped spreading. Itching, burning and redness was very much better. Spots on her hands, legs, back and abdomen were sixty to seventy percent better. Her other complaints like heel pain, acne and hair fall was also much better. Patient was very happy with the treatment. She had developed confidence in homeopathy. She further continued with our treatment.

On 2nd September 2015, patient called up and informed that she had acute episode of cold and cough since few days. She had fever and body ache with it. She was given homeopathic medicine for one week for the same and she was ask to continue medicines for lichen planus also with it. 

On 17th October 2015, patient reported that she was same. There was no further improvement in lichen planus as compared to last time. There was no spread in old spots. She did not get any new spots since last two months. Her itching and burning was better but on some parts of body itching was still there. Her heel pain was increased since few days as she had some issues with family and had developed stress because of it. Her acne and hair fall was overall better. On basis of all this feedback she was further prescribed medicines.

On 4th December 2015, patient called up and informed that she was overall better. No new spots had come up since many months. Her spots were gradually disappearing. Itching and burning was further better. Her acne and hair fall was also better. There was not much improvement with heel pain. On basis of this feedback, Dr.Shah prescribed her further medicines.

On 4th February 2016, patient reported that her complaints were better. Old spots were getting better. Patches on her hands and legs were decreasing in size. Spreading in the leisons was stop. There were no new spots coming up since many months.Itching and burning was occasionally present. Heel pain, acne and hair fall was also getting better. She had develop some new complaint of back pain since one week. This happened because of traveling. She also developed constipation complain since one week. On basis of all this feedback she was prescribe further medicines.

On 10th March 2016, patient informed that she was almost ninety to ninety five percent better. Her leison were dried up. Now only hyperpigmentation was left. There were no new spots erupted. Itching and burning was completely gone. Her other associate complaints of heel pain, acne, hair fall, constipation and back pain was also better. Patient was feeling overall better. She was very happy with the results after our medicines. She further continued our treatment to get completely better.

On 19th May 2016, patient reported that she was further better. Her hyperpigmentation was still the same. There was no further improvement in it. There were no appearance of new spots. Old spots were almost gone. Her all other problems were also overall better. She had developed acute episode of chicken pox since last few days. She had fever and body pain with it. On basis of all this symptoms, Dr.Shah prescribed her further medicines. 

Patient was very contended and happy with the treatment.She was very thankful to Dr. Shah and Life Force team who helped her and made her much better. She is still under our treatment to get completely cured. 

(Case study done by Dr .K.R.B.)

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