Remarkable recovery in Vitiligo in this 9 year old boy

Nine years old boy E.M.M (Patient Identification No- 16228), an existing patient of Life Force under treatment for Vitiligo; presented with complaints of recurrent boils since 1 week. He was suffering from this complain of recurrent boils from past one year but had not mentioned when he started with the treatment for vitiligo. He used to get pus-filled, painful and inflamed boils once every month and it lasted for about one week with the help of antibiotics. He had to take conventional medicines during every episode of boils.

He had around eight pustular boils on the forehead, one boil over the right ear and few on the left buttock. The boils were very painful, red, exuded white discharge and had burning sensation. The boils used to bleed after scratching. Boils were oily in appearance.

He was a fair-skinned boy studying in 4th standard. He was good in studies. He was a sensitive boy, more attached to his mother. He was little mischievous and behaved like a leader in school. He liked to be in company of others and always wanted support from his friends. He was timid by nature. He did not like anyone making fun of him and would avoid such people. He was the only child and so was pampered by parents. His father was a software engineer and his mother was a homemaker.

He had peculiar liking for sweets and avoided spicy food. He had tendency to sweat over forehead. He was intolerant to hot weather.

He had scattered vitiligo spots over chest and back for which he was taking the treatment since 10 months.
His paternal grandfather had vitiligo and paternal grandmother suffered from arthritis.

After reviewing his case details, Dr. Shah prescribed Silica 30 along with research based medicine.

He reported one month later. His complains of boils and vitiligo were much under control. No new boils were coming up and the existing ones had less pain and less redness. He had not taken any antibiotics during that episode. There was no spread of vitiligo spots and they had also started to re-pigment.

One month later, he reported that his boils were 70% better. There was no pus discharge, no pain and no redness. He still had burning sensation over the area. In further follow-ups, he reported that all the old boils over the forehead, right ear and buttock were healed. In next 4 months, he got boils only once on nose, left little finger and left eye. The intensity of pain was mild and pus discharge was little. The duration of boils had also reduced.

For next four months, he did not have any boils. Later, he reported of one new boil on left buttock since one week, which got better within 4 days. His vitiligo spots were also improving.

Six months later, he reported of a boil on left index finger. It was little painful and pustular. His vitiligo spots were much under control and re-pigmentation was quite visible.

He visited Life Force on 12th May 2014 and reported that he did not get any boils in the past 5 months. His vitiligo spots were reducing in size and were taking his skin color.

Homeopathy helped him in getting free from the tendency to recurrent boils. Homeopathic medicines are so dynamic that it can give miraculous results in reducing the frequency, controlling the disease and curing the disease from the roots in people having inherent tendencies.

(Case study prepared by Dr. Kruti on 13/05/2014)

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