Remarkable recovery in a case of wet eczema with homeopathy

 Mast Z.R., twelve-year-old boy from Mumbai (Patient Identification Number: 26104) visited Life Force on 2nd July 2014 for his complaints of wet eczema. He had eczema since past eight years. Initially it was present all over body. He took homeopathic treatment for the same and he responded well to the same. The patches all over the body were completely recovered except those present over right ankle and right wrist from past two years. There was lot of itching which was unbearable. Patches were having watery foul smelling discharges.  There was marked swelling at the patches. He had previously taken steroid based medicines for few months but with no relief.

Mast Z. R. also had complaints of frequent colds since childhood. He would develop cold twice in a month that would last for eight to ten hours. He had sneezing and watery discharges from nose during the episodes.

He was a stout boy. He had an average appetite. He preferred both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food. There was marked craving for salt, chicken and spicy food. He had strong dislike for milk and vegetables. He tended to have profuse perspiration on forehead and neck. He was very sensitive to heat. He preferred to sleep on abdomen.
He was in the fifth grade. He lived with father, mother and two siblings. His father was a businessman and mother was a homemaker. He was eldest among his siblings. He was more attached to his mother and had good interpersonal relationship with everyone in his family.
His mother had suffered from eczema in the past; his paternal grandfather suffered with eczema, hypertension and asthma. His paternal grandmother, maternal grandfather and maternal grandmother suffered with hypertension.He had suffered from pneumonia several times in the past.

He was a very calm and shy child.  He made friends very easily. He was very talkative with his friends, also mixed with strangers easily. He would get angry for only short duration and couldn’t tolerate consolation. He had fear of being alone.  He was good with music.

Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed Kali sulph 200c in addition to his research based molecules for eczema and frequent cold.

He visited Dr. Shah for follow up on 31st July 2015. Overall, his eczema was twenty five percent better. Itching and discharges were twenty five percent better. No new patches had appeared. He had developed pain and stiffness across different joints, but he did not have to rely on painkillers for his pains.  Accordingly, changes were made in the medications.
When he visited Dr. Shah two months later on 9th November 2015, he reported that the eczema on leg had increased up to thirty present after eating red meat. Itching and discharges were also increased. New patches appeared on toe on both the sides. The frequency of his colds had gone down considerably too.

Two months later, he reported on 8th January 2015 that, the new lesions had stopped coming gradually. The old lesions of his eczema were also drying up. He was able to walk without any pains. Frequent cold also reduced.

He visited Dr. Shah, on 22nd March 2016, overall eczema reduced by ninety present. Spread stopped, old lesions dried up. No new lesion appeared. Itching and discharges were also reduced.

Mast Z.R. continues to take homeopathic treatment from Life Force for further recovery.
This case shows that eczema can be effectively controlled with homeopathic medicines without the use of external applications of any kind. It cures the condition from within and restores the deviated immunity of the individual back to normalcy.

Case study by Dr. Ishwari Nanoti

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