Remarkable Recovery From Anxiety Neurosis Achieved With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 43-years-old male from Maharashtra, India, Mr. SS (PIN 12652) was diagnosed as a case of anxiety neurosis 6 years back. He could trace out the cause to be stress-related after he joined as a head of the billing department. He lost his father in 2007, which added to his stress.

His anxiety episodes used to start with choked sensation in throat leading to difficulty in swallowing and subsequently the fear of death. He had a fear of traveling, particularly while in the public transport, as he also had a fear of crowd (claustrophobia). He used to have an anticipatory fear and low confidence, whenever he was assigned any responsibility on the job.

Whenever the patient would suffer from such symptoms, there used to be other complaints, such as palpitation, stammering, and trembling of hands and legs. He had taken anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications, sleeping pills, and other such medications in the past, but these medicines did not help him and but produced side-effects.

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Personal Details:
Mr. S. S. had an average appetite with a special liking for salty, spicy food, and fish. He had an aversion to sweets. He used to have alcohol and smoke heavily, which he had discontinued 2-3 years ago. His thirst had decreased since these complaints had started. He would sweat very less and be feeling better overall in the winter season.

Past Medical Illness:
The patient had typhoid during his childhood. Besides typhoid, there was no significant medical history in the past.

Family History Of Medical Illness:
His father died of small intestine gangrene, and his mother had high blood pressure. His maternal grandfather suffered from anxiety and depression.

Emotional Sphere:
As a person, he was known to be affectionate towards others. He would always help others in need. He would go to any extent to help out. He married a poor girl, just because he wanted to help her out.

He was socially active and a popular figure in the society. He had many fears, which had anxiety in the background. He had an anticipatory fear of misfortune. Because of his fear of traveling, he could not travel in the public transport. Fear of height, fear of drowning, and other phobias were some other fears present.

He had an inferiority complex and lack of confidence in his decision-making and actions. He would find it difficult to present himself well in the front of others.

At Life Force:
Mr. S.S.’s case study was studied in detail (mind + body) by Dr. Shah. He was given constitutional medicine (given on the basis of mind and body). 

During his initial 2 months of the treatment and follow-up, a minimal improvement was seen. Hence, the patient was asked again regarding his past life and grief. In the first week of January, he described that all his grief started when he lost his daughter six years back. She was just two years old premature infant. Mr. S.S. tried to do his best to save her but could not succeed. This was a major trauma for him.

This data led to some changes in the patient’s emotional aspect and subsequently to the prescription. The medicines were given based on this history. In the month of March, the patient reported with the improvement of 25 %. His anxiety was relatively less.

In the month of May 2010, Mr. S.S. was very happy to report improvement of 85%. His panic attacks, palpitation, and trembling had reduced substantially.

Mr. S.S. can now travel in the public transport without any fear. He can enjoy his social life without any fear of crowd. He does not stammer or tremble, even if his job puts stress on him.


This case study highlights that homeopathy is quite effective in curing anxiety neurosis successfully and safely without any side-effects. Homeopathy provides a great relief from anxiety and improves the quality of life.


Studying emotional aspects of the patient is very important part of homeopathy. The prescription is based chiefly on the mental symptoms. Mr. S.S. did not reveal a certain part of his past life and the prescribed-medicines hardly helped him. However, new prescription helped him improve more than 85%.

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