Relapsed Lichen Planus Patient Fully Healed With Homeopathy At Life Force

Lichen planus is an autoimmune skin disease. Patients of lichen planus happen to have chances of relapse even after taking treatment in the past. There are various factors, such as stress, food habits, certain medicines, etc., which can trigger lichen planus. At Life Force, we have a lichen planus case of a 38-year-old female who healed completely with homeopathy. Lets have a look at it.


A 38-year-old female patient consulted us at Life Force for the treatment of her skin condition. She was suffering from lichen planus for 6 years, and she was experiencing relief after taking three to four months of allopathic treatment. She had no complaints for the past 6 years, but, suddenly, she started developing lesions on her body. The skin condition was spreading very fast this time. In a few days, her whole body was covered with lichen planus spots. On further evaluation, it was found that the patient was undergoing a lot of stress issues. This triggered her lichen planus. The patients detailed case history was taken. She had developed severe itching with purplish raised eruptions on her skin. She started treatment from Life Force on 30th April 2021.


Physical Generals:

The patient had an average appetite. She had no specific desire or aversion to any food and drinks. Her thirst for water was sufficient. She had no issues related to the urine and stool. Her sleep was sound and refreshing.


Psychological and Family Make-Up:

The patient was working and in a job. Her husband was an IT engineer. She had one son. By nature, the patient was very sensitive and emotional. She used to think a lot about small matters and often would get stressed out easily.


Self and Familys Medical History:

There was no major illness noticed in the past affecting the patient. Her father suffered from Diabetes, and her mother had Hypertension.


At Life Force:

After studying the case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed some research-based homeopathic medicines along with some dietary tips to the patient.



On 1st August 2021, the patient reported that she was a lot better with the homeopathic medicines. The itching had reduced than before. The rapid spread of the disease had reduced. She got very less new lesions after starting with homeopathy. The disease was gradually coming under control with our medicines. The spots were drying up gradually. The patient was very happy with the recovery.


On 19th November 2021, the patient reported that there was a great improvement in healing with the homeopathic medicines. The lesions had subsided completely. The itching was no longer present. No new spot had developed. Also, the skin disease no longer was spreading. The disease was completely under control.


On 2nd July 2022, the patient reported that she was completely fine. There were no active lesions on her skin. Hyperpigmented marks were fading gradually. The disease was completely in control.


The patient thanked Dr. Shah and the whole Life Force team for treating her and improving her skin health. She is continuing the treatment to get complete recovery from the skin disease.



This case illustrates that relapsed lichen planus can be treated successfully and safely with homeopathy. Homeopathy can promote complete skin healing without any side effects and with no dependency on medicines.


  • Written by Dr. Kainaz, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah 





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