Relapse of eczema treated by homeoapthic treatment

55 years old female,  Mrs.  D. Y. (Patient referral number- L 21564), reported to the clinic for the complaints of eczema since 2 months.  She had eruptions on right upper arm, under her breast and all joints of body. She had similar kind of episode before 30 days from which she recovered in 2 years by allopathic treatment but it reappeared again since 2 months. There was redness, itching and burning in the eruptions. The symptoms use to increase mainly at night after 10pm. She had taken allopathic treatment, mainly corticosteroids, for many years but it was just temporary relief to her. Hence she decided to start with homeopathic treatment from Life Force Homeopathy for permanent results.

She also had complained of Asthma since many years for which she was taking inhalers. She was also suffering from mood swings, menopausal symptoms, hairfall and back pain. She was having hypertension for which she was taking anti hypertensive medicines.

She was vegetarian with aversion to salted food. She was prone to sweat profusely all over the body. Her urine was normal but she has little hard stools. Her menses were normal. Her sleep was very disturbed. It was disturb mainly because of her complaints.

She was a house maker. Her husband had business of jewelry. She had 2 sons who were in business with their father. Her family was staying in London and she got married and shifted here. She was missing her family very much. Her childhood was very happy and healthy. She was lady with very affectionate and caring nature. She had lots of anxiety and worry. She was highly sensitive lady. She uses to get irritate easily but her anger was only for few minutes.  She cried very easily. She had only grief in life that she was not able to attain her father’s funeral as she was pregnant and she was not to able travel where the funeral was. 

She did not had any major past illness. In her family, her father was suffering was diabetes mellitus, hypertension and heart disease. Her mother was very healthy.
Based on all the above history she was prescribed sepia 30 and with that some research based molecules of Dr. Shah. After six weeks patient visited again to give follow-up. There was resurfacing of eczema seen with some new eruptions on body as patient had use corticosteroids in past.  Even with all this aggravation, patient continued with our treatment. Her redness and itching were the same. Moreover she developed new eruptions also. But her all other complaints like mood swings, back pain, hairfall and blood pressure were under control. On all this symptoms again some new batch of medicines were given by Dr. Shah.
In her next follow up i.e after six weeks again she reported that she was almost twenty five to thirty percent  better all this days but since 3 weeks again she had little flare up in complains of eczema. Itching, redness and burning were better.  All her other complaints like back pain, hairfall and mood swings were very much better with our medicines. Again on all this history, Dr. Shah made some changes in his prescription and he prescribed different medicines.

There was almost no change in her complaints i.e there was no increase or decrease in her eczema when she reported after six weeks. Itching and burning in eczema was the same as last time. Rests of all the problems were gradually setting down. She was feeling overall better but eczema was not reducing. As she had applied steroidal creams in past, eczema was becoming little difficult to treat. Dr. Shah made a note of all this and he gave some strong medicines to her along with some research based molecules.

After six weeks again she reported that she was better but there was sudden flare up of her eczema. She also informed that she had applied corticosteroid as her itching was unbearable and as she was travelling and it was very discomforting. Redness was better. She did not notice any new spots coming up. So her eczema was gradually coming was under control now. All her other complains like back pain, hairfall and mood swings were almost gone. It was hardly noticeable to her. She had episode of asthma few days back but now she was fine. Her blood pressure was also under control. On all this basis again a new set of medicine was prescribed.

There was almost fifty percent improvement seen in her eczema. After almost 7-8 months of treatment she was almost forty to fifty percent better. Her itching, burning and redness were very much better. All other complaints like mood swings, hairfall and backache were almost gone. Patient was very happy with the results. She developed new complain of cellulites since few days. On all this symptoms, medicines were given. Along with that some medicines for cellulites was also given. 

After few months she reported that eczema was very much better. Itching was almost gone. There was no redness. There were no new eruptions, no spread and no active lesions seen. Mood swings were little increased since few months due to hormonal changes. Hairfall and back pain was very much better. There was episode of asthma few weeks before, but it was with less intensity. Her cellulites complain was almost gone. She was on anti hypertensive medicines and blood pressure was under control because of it. On all this history again new set of medicines were given
She had travelled to London for 2 months.  Her eczema got little increase during this time, may be because of atmospheric changes. Her itching and redness increased. She had to apply steroidal cream for few days as itching was too much. No other complains she was having. Her mood swings, hairfall and back pain were almost under control. There was no episode of asthma. Blood pressure was also under control.  On all this symptoms, case was reviewed and medicines were prescribed. 

After few months she reported that eczema was very mild. Patches on her arm, breast line, abdomen etc were almost disappearing. Redness and itching was also very minimal. Her mood swings were better. She did not got any episode of asthma since many months. She develop complain of urinary tract infection before few days for which she had already taken some allopathic treatment and she was better with it. Overall she was better. Her sleep was also sound now which use to remain disturbed before. On all this symptoms, medicines were prescribed.

After around three to four months, she reported that she was almost seventy to eighty percent better in her complaints of eczema. No itching or redness was noted. Patient was very happy and satisfied with the treatment. Her asthma was very much under control. All other complaints like mood swings etc were almost nil. She could not believe that she was better almost seventy to eighty percent with homeopathic treatment. She was advice to still continue with the treatment.

She had travelled to London again for 2 months but this time there was no increasing in her complaints even after the atmospheric changes. She happily came back from London without any discomfort. She was very happy with the treatment. Her all complaints were almost eighty to ninety percent better. She was very thankful to Life Force team and to Dr. Shah for making her so much better. She is still continuing with our treatment be get completely better.

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