Reduction in dependency on anti histamines, steroids and root level treatment for Urticaria.

Mr. M.N.N, a twenty nine years old male patient from Kolhapur, (Patient Identification Number 15183) visited Life Force on 9th December 2010 for the complaint of Urticaria. He got the first attack of Urticaria two years ago. It was controlled with steroids. It again appeared four months before his visit to Life Force and it was continuous since last four months. He would get severe hives all over the body along with swelling. He had to take Levo cetrizine (anti histamine) daily to control it. He had also started Tablet Zempred 4mg (Methylprednisolon) since the last four days. He was frustrated with the conventional medicines.

His appetite was good with strong craving for sweets and chocolates. Micturition and bowel habits were normal. He would get profuse perspiration all over the body. His sleep was disturbed due to Urticaria.

Mr. M.N.N was a businessman. He was calm and quiet by nature. He would not like to share his emotions. He was very ambitious; he always wanted to perform his best. There was no major stress in life.

Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed research based homeopathic medicines. In the first two months of the treatment, he could stop his steroids. He was still getting Urticaria every day, but the intensity had reduced. He was still taking Levo cetrizine daily. In the next two months, he could reduce his dose of Levo cetrizine to once a week. The intensity of Urticaria had further reduced. He did not have swelling in those two months. There was only red hives and itching.

In his next follow up, he showed remarkable improvement. There were one or two mild episodes of Urticaria which subsided on its own. With 8-10 months of regular homeopathic treatment, his Urticaria had completely relieved. He could stop anti histamines. He was very happy to get rid of Urticaria.

This case-study demonstrates the potential of Homeopathic medicines to help to reduce the dependency on anti histamines and steroids and treat Urticaria from the root level.

( Uploaded on 26th Dec 2011 by Dr. GAJ )

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