Reddish black lesions and white lines in mouth due to oral lichen planus

Mr. H.M 23 years old male (PIN 7720) was very depressed when he suffered from oral lichen planus. When he started to get symptoms like reddish black lesions and white lines in his mouth, he became scared and nervous.

oral lichen planus

In 3 months time, his mouth was full of lesions with hyper pigmentation on buccal mucosa, tongue and gums.

He cried and screamed when he applied creams inside his cheeks that the skin doctor prescribed, but nothing seemed to help.

He exclaimed, “I lost so much sleep from burning pain and discomfort in the night that there were times when life seemed unbearable.”

Things got so bad that he was not able to eat his desired spicy and hot food and it seemed that any outside food just made his flare-ups worse.

Each time he saw a different doctor or specialist, he pinned his hopes on them. Most conventional treatment involve the use of steroids, and the more he used them the more worried he became about their long-term side effect on his body.

Over time, he experimented with many approaches, from dietary changes to Chinese herbs - but nothing made a significant difference to the condition, then he visited Life Force for the treatment of his oral lichen planus.

His case was taken in details. Emotionally he was very impulsive, short tempered, anxious and fastidious.

He was a sincere person, very soft spoken and gentle. His father lived in the gulf. His mother was a nagging and dominating and restrictive person. She was over controlling. However in the last few years, he had become short-tempered.

After studying the case in details Dr. Rajesh Shah advised him to reduce the frequency of steroidal ointment and slowly stop it (chances of resurfacing were explained) and prescribed him our research based medicine along with his constitutional medicine.

At the 2 months follow up Mr. H.M reported that his burning pain and discomfort had reduced considerably. On examination, we noted that the redness and inflammation has reduced. He had started to taper the dose of steroids.

At the 6-month follow-up, Mr. H.M reported that just after stopping steroids completely, his oral LP flared up transiently. Gradually their was good progress and he had started enjoying his favorite (spicy) food.

At 1 year follow up, Mr. H.M had recovered completely. The oral lesions had healed completely. The oral mucosa was clear. There were no relapses. All his symptoms had resolved. The patient had gradually started to eat spicy and chili food. He was very happy with his results. He said that in his experience, Homeopathy is the only answer for Lichen planus. His oral surgeon has termed the disease incurable, he had searched the internet for a cure, but it was always mentioned that this can be controlled, not cured.

He was very glad to give a testimonial, to let others know, that Yes! Lichen Planus can be cured!

( Uploaded on 23 May2011 by Dr.S.N.B)

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