Recurrent eczema effectively treated with homeopathy

Fifty five-year-old female,  Mrs.  D. Y. (Patient Identification Number: 21564), reported to Life Force for the complaints of eczema since last two months on 31st August 2013.  She had developed eruptions on right upper arm, under her breast and all joints of body. There was redness, itching and burning in the eruptions. The symptoms increased mainly at night after 10 pm. She had similar episodes thirty years before but had recovered in two years due to allopathic treatment. But it relapsed again since last two months. She had taken allopathic treatment, mainly corticosteroids, for many years but it just gave temporary relief to her. 

She also had complaints of asthma since many years for which she was taking inhalers. She was also suffering from mood swings, menopausal syndrome, hair fall and back pain. She was having hypertension for which she was taking anti-hypertensive medicines.

She was vegetarian with aversion to salty food. She was prone to sweat profusely all over the body. Her urine was normal but she had hard stools. Her menses were normal. Her sleep was disturbed due to her complaints.

She was a home maker. Her husband had business of jewelry. She had two sons who were involved in business with their father. She was born in London and grew up there. She shifted to India after she got married. She missed her family very much. She was a lady with very affectionate and caring nature. She was anxious and worried a lot. She would get irritated easily but her anger lasted only for few minutes.  She cried very easily. She had only grief in life that she was not able to attend her father’s funeral as she was pregnant at that time and was advised by her gynecologist not to travel to distant places. 

She did not have any major past illness. In her family, her father suffered with diabetes mellitus, hypertension and heart disease. Her mother was healthy.
Based on the above history she was prescribed Sepia 30 and  research based molecules of  Dr. Shah. She was advised to gradually reduce corticosteroids. She was also explained that corticosteroids are known to suppress the immunity and while tapering them she may experience some increase in her eczema which is a common phenomena. Such increase in symptoms gradually improve during the course of homeopathic treatment.

She visited for follow-up after six weeks on 23rd September 2013. There was resurfacing of eczema seen with some new eruptions on body as she tapered the corticosteroids she was taking earlier.  Her redness and itching were the same. But her other complaints such as mood swings, back pain, hair fall and blood pressure were under control. After considering her feedback, new batch of medicines were given by Dr. Shah.

In her next follow up on 8th November 2013 i.e after six weeks again she reported that there was twenty-five to thirty percent  improvement in her condition. Itching, redness and burning were better.  All her other complaints like back pain, hair fall and mood swings were lesser in intensity. Dr. Shah made some necessary changes in the prescription.
She reported for feedback after six weeks on 6th December 2013. Her condition remained stable. Itching and burning was the same as last time. She was feeling overall better. 
After six weeks again on 21st January 2014, she reported that she was better but there was sudden flare-up of  her eczema in last week. She informed that she had applied corticosteroid cream as her itching had increased and she was traveling. Redness in the patches was better. She did not notice any new spots coming up. All her other complaints like back pain, hair fall and mood swings had completely recovered. 

After completing seven to eight months of treatment i.e on 28th February 2014, there was  fifty percent improvement seen in her eczema. Her itching, burning and redness had significantly reduced. She was very happy with the results. She had developed new complaint of cellulitis since few days. After studying her follow-up, Dr. Shah prescribed her medicines for eczema as well as cellulitis.
On 3rd June 2014, she reported that eczema was fifty to sixty percent better. Itching had reduced by ninety percent. There was no redness. There were no new eruptions. Hair fall and back pain was very much better. There was episode of asthma few weeks before, but it was of lesser intensity. Her cellulitis was ninety percent recovered.  

On 23rd September 2014 , she had traveled to London for  two months.  Her eczema increased during this time due to atmospheric changes. Her itching and redness had increased. She had to apply steroidal cream for few days as itching was unbearable. On the basis of these symptoms, case was reviewed and medicines were prescribed. 

On 4th November 2014, she reported that eczema was seventy percent better. Patches on her arm, breast line, abdomen, legs and back  were disappearing. Redness and itching was also very minimal. Her mood swings were better. She did not got any episode of asthma since many months. Her medicines were revised as per the feedback.

On 12th February 2015,  she reported that she was seventy to eighty percent better in her complaints of eczema. No itching or redness was noted. Her asthma was very much under control.  She was advised to still continue with the treatment.
On 29th June 2015, she visited again and informed that she had traveled to London again for two months but this time she didn’t experience any increase  in her complaints even after atmospheric changes. She happily came back from London without any discomfort. She was very happy with the treatment. All her complaints were eighty to ninety percent better. 

She couldn’t believe that she had attained significant relief with homeopathic treatment. She was very happy and satisfied with the treatment. She was very thankful to Life Force team and Dr. Shah for making her so much better. She is still continuing with our treatment be get complete and long-lasting results.

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