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This is a case of a forty four years old lady, Mrs. S. S. G. (Patient identification number : 23229) who reported to LifeForce on 29th July 2014 with the complaint of contact dermatitis (eczema) on both her feet, especially on the area covered by the leather shoe strap. She was having this complaint since last six years. The area affected would change according to the type of shoes she wore. The eruptions were self limiting, lasting for one to two days. She would also have eruptions on her wrist due to the strap of the watch. She was allergic to the chemicals in lipsticks as well. She complained of redness and itching along with a weird sensation as if ants were crawling on her feet. Also, the affected area had got thickened due to inflammation. The itching was specifically worse at three o’clock in the morning, after eating fish, potatoes, brinjals and cashew nuts. It would increase whenever she was stressed up. She was taking ayurvedic treatment without any relief. For itching, she had been applying aloe vera gel. In the past, she had similar eruptions on her face which was improved with homeopathic treatment.

Apart from this, she also had migraine since last twenty six years. The headache would be of a hammering type; with a sensation as if her head would break open. Once started, it would last for at least one to two days. It got worse from sun, exposure to draft of cold air and before menses and subsided after proper sleep. She would always complain of severe acidity whenever she got headache.



She complained of acidity as well since last twenty six years. She experienced burning in chest at least once in two weeks, the complaint lasting for an entire day. The symptoms of acidity were worse whenever she was fasting. She consumed conventional antacids as and when she felt the need.

She was hypertensive since a year for which she was taking conventional anti hypertensive medicines daily.

Her father had similar complaints of acidity and he also suffered from heart disease. The genetic link from her father was assumed to be the cause for her associated complaints.

Her menstrual cycle was irregular since last one and a half years. Menses would appear once in three months and the flow was very scanty.
Considering her age, it was suspected that she was in her perimenopausal period.

She was a non vegetarian with an adequate appetite. She liked having salty, spicy food and had specific dislike for sweets. Occasionally she had unsatisfactory motions. She was intolerant of heat in any form.

She had not suffered from any major illness in the past.

She lived in a nuclear family which consisted of her husband and her son. She was working in Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation while her husband was a manager in private firm. Her only son was studying in twelfth grade. Her sister-in-law lived with her as well.

She was quite short tempered by nature. She would get irritated whenever she was contradicted. Also, when she would be unnecessarily blamed for no fault of hers, it made her angry. She would shout on her son if he didn’t listen to her.

Currently, there was no major stress in her life. Her only worry was her son. She was obsessed about his studies, his laziness, etc. She would keep nagging him for keeping things tidy. She had a strained relation with her husband in the past.

After a detailed analysis of the case, Dr.Shah prescribed her Sepia 30c along with one of his research based medicine for six weeks.

In the first follow up, which was on 9th September 2014, she informed that the eczema was better by forty percent. There was a considerable improvement in the itching and also the thickening of affected area had also subsided. Even the acidity was improving. There was no change in intensity of migraine attacks. The prescription was upgraded by Dr. Shah and medicines were given for six weeks.

She gave the next follow up on 17th of October 2014. The itching had subsided completely and the eczema was better by fifty percent. She had a major improvement in acidity as well. Dr.Shah repeated the same set of medicines for six weeks as she was improving.



When she visited clinic on 12th January 2014, there were no visible eczema patches on her feet. Only the post inflammatory hyper pigmentation was left. There was no itching either. The other associated complaints like acidity and migraine were better too. Dr.Shah enhanced the dose of medicines to support the on going improvement.

On 8th May 2015, she visited clinic. There was a consistent improvement in eczema on her feet and she did not have problems in wearing any type of shoes. Also, her acidity and migraine issues were also much better.

She visited clinic on 7th July 2015 for her last follow up. The eczematous patches were not visible at all on her feet. She could proudly flaunt her feet and wear shoes of her choice. Dr. Shah did a thorough examination and informed her that she need not continue the treatment as she was cured of the contact dermatitis (eczema) which had been troubling her for the last six years. She was also advised to wear cotton socks and keep her feet moisturized to prevent the recurrence of any allergies.

This case beautifully depicts how efficiently homeopathic medicines can bring positive changes by normalizing the abnormal response of immune system and thereby bring about complete recovery in cases of dermatitis promptly and without any side effects. Homeopathy not only treated her eczema, it also relieved her from chronic complaints of acidity and migraine which she had been having for almost twenty-six years. Homeopathy is strongly recommended for contact dermatitis.

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