Quick Recovery From Urticaria Achieved With Homeopathy

This is an interesting case about a 4-years-old toddler girl, Miss A. S, (PIN 35517), who visited Life Force, Chembur branch in February 2018. She presented with the complaints of chronic urticaria which she was suffering from the last two years. The rashes of urticaria were present on her hands, neck, back, chest, buttocks, stomach, face, and other body parts. Hives were accompanied by a lot of itching and heat sensation causing discomfort to the patient. Her complaints used to get aggravated by the change of weather, exposure to dust, and at night. She was on the conventional medicines for the same. 

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Along with the above complaints, she had a frequent cold and cough and constipation. 

Physical Generals:
She had a mixed diet, with a specific craving for chicken (+2) and eggs (+1). She had an average thirst. She had a generalized profuse perspiration which was not offensive. She was sensitive to the heat in general. There was no problem in her bladder movements. She enjoyed a sound sleep.

Past History:
In the past, she had a fungal infection of thumb.

Family History:
Her paternal grandfather was suffering from diabetes mellitus.

Miss A.S was studying in Sr. KG at the time she visited Life Force for the first time. He was the only child of her parents. Her father and mother both were working.

She was a very talkative and active kid. She was a happy-go-lucky kid and was friendly with each and every one. She used to get irritated by the noise.

After understanding her case in detail, Dr. Shah examined her thoroughly and advised her to get her IgE tested which would show the intensity of her hypersensitivity. She was prescribed Calcarea Phos 30C and one of the research-based medicines for Urticaria for two months. She was advised to avoid certain allergens which were triggering the allergy, for instance, chicken, egg, and other allergens. 

Follows-Ups Of The Case:

The patient visited the clinic on 20th March 2018 with around 80% improvement in her complaints. Her relief from the frequent colds and constipation had also improved with the medications. She was prescribed the revised medicines. 

Later, she visited the clinic on 10th May 2018 with around 90% improvement in her complaints. She was again prescribed with the revised medicines by Dr. Shah.

The patient is still continuing the homeopathic medications for a faster recovery.


With Homeopathic medicines, the body's immune system is boosted so that it can fight against the allergens exposed to it. Homeopathy offers an effective treatment for Chronic and Recurrent Urticaria. It gives long-lasting results due to the ability of homeopathic medicines to correct the hypersensitive immune system.

- Written by Dr. Amrita K., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah 

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