Quick and dramatic improvement in six years old Psoriasis and lichen planus.

Mr JG (PIN no.18562) 54 yrs Businessman from Mulund , Mumbai reported in March 2012. Since 6 years he was suffering from dryness, scaling, itching and burning sensation on his hands, back, axilla, abdomen. Dermatologist diagnosed it as a case of Psoriasis with no remission in 6 years. His complaints would get aggravate during every change of weather. He was given only antihistaminic (antiallergy) medicines for itching that would give him relief for 8-10 hrs and again complaints would be as it is.

He was also having Lichen planus lesions in his oral cavity.since few days. These were whitish yellow colored patched inside cheeks with dryness of lips leading to deep cracks with bleeding from it

Another complaint he had was pain in calf muscles since few days which could have been due to calcium defficiency. He used to take pain killer medicines for the same whenever required.

He was a chronic smoker with 8-10 cigarettes smoking per day. Had craving for spicy food. He would sweat less and was not able to tolerate summer season at all. His bladder and bowels were normal.

He had a small business and a family including a son, a daughter and wife to look after. There was no stress in his present or past life.

As a person he was an introvert. He was basically an irritable person but hardly expressesed his anger. He was a person with positive approach for life. He would like to attend philosophical lectures.. He used to be very strict in his professional as well as his family life, but with such philosophical sessions he mellowed down. He was sensitive by nature , small things would easily hurt him but he never kept it in mind.

He had a strong family history of cancer. His brother, mother and sister had cancer.

With all this information Dr Shah prescribed him the constitutional medicine on 14 th March 2012. He returned to clinic for follow up on 1st May 2012 . He responded dramatically to the treatment within 1 month.

His skin became totally clear. There were no psoriasis lesions and even oral LP was more than 75 % better. However his calf muscle pain was same as it was related to calcium defficiency. He was very happy to experience clear skin, first time in his last 6 years. He has given his written testimonial regarding same.


This case study reveals that the response to the treatment depends upon person to person. A person's sensitivity, susceptibility, state of immunity, stress coping mechanism are some of the things which are important for this perspectives. We have seen that most of the patients require 6-10 weeks to see positive initial improvement in such chronic diseases but there are some recorded cases like this where patient may show dramatic improvement in a month or some patients may require 2-4 months.

Response to Homeopathic medicines always varies from patient to patient.

uploaded by Dr PAD

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